I’m a Doctor. Here’s What I Eat On a Typical Day.

Breakfast for MBG

I’m a board-certified gynecologist who practices functional medicine for women but I’m also a regular gal – busy working mom, constant chauffeur for my daughters, devoted wife, and spiritual seeker. I help women balance their hormones naturally, starting with their fork. I know that good food needs to be … [Read more...]

Why Fermented Foods Make You Healthier (And How to Prepare Them)


You may already know that a daily dose of the probiotics from fermented food is a good idea, but do you know why? There are many options out there when it comes to getting your daily dose of healthy bacteria from food – here’s the “why” plus a few recipes to kick your health into higher gear. Get More … [Read more...]

Success Story: The Secret to Keeping Weight Off (and Losing Even More)

151102_007 (2)

Calories aren’t the only culprit when it comes to gaining weight. Your hormones actually play a major role in both the numbers on the bathroom scale and everything from energy levels to quality of sleep. But shedding excess pounds is only half the battle. Keeping them off involves keeping your hormones … [Read more...]

Should I Try a Grain-Free Diet?

Jar of museli in kitchen cupboard

Want to learn more? Order Dr. Sara's new book  - about this topic and so much more – entitled, Younger: A Breakthrough Program to Reset Your Genes, Reverse Aging, and Turn Back the Clock 10 Years. If you have given up gluten but got a partial response, or don’t feel like you got the relief you wanted … [Read more...]

Anxiety: 5 Ways to Reset from Anxious to Zen


When most people think of anxiety, they envision someone having a full-blown panic attack, but the truth is that anxiety may show up in subtle and sneaky ways. In fact, from a more Eastern perspective, any time you move away from a feeling of peace, you are experiencing a form of anxiety. Consider the … [Read more...]

Dial in the Carbs: Choosing the Right Dose for You in 3 Easy Steps

Dial in the carbs image

Confused about carbs? You’re not alone. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there. Maybe you’ve been Paleo for a while, or perhaps you’ve just started to ditch carbs in hopes of shedding pounds. While low carb diets have proven to be healthful and therapeutic for a number of health conditions, … [Read more...]

What to Do When You Fall Off the Wagon and Have a Food Meltdown

Falling off the wagon

In my book, The Hormone Reset Diet, I came clean and shared my history as a food addict. While I’ve been binge-free for more than 10 years, there’s an occasional moment when I start to slip. I have difficulty passing on the truffle fries or eating the chocolate bar. While it doesn’t trigger a journey to … [Read more...]