I Hate Exercise, but It Loves Me…

 Dr. Sara's 5 Tips for Biohacking Exercise When You'd Rather Do Anything Else There, I admit it. It's time to get brutally honest. After all, I'm in my forties, perimenopausal, and the best part about it is the newfound clarity, the lift of the hormonal veil--regarding the endless accommodation, the … [Read more...]

How I Fixed My Exercise, Got Lean, and Rocked My Growth Hormone (IGF-1)

First the bold news: I hacked my growth hormone with exercise and raised it 53%. But allow me to back up so we can put this in context. What Is Growth Hormone? Growth hormone is a misunderstood stress hormone that raises the level of glucose in your blood, and stimulates the production of an … [Read more...]

Mystic Danielle Laporte: There’s a Bigger Story to Your Story

  I'm madly, crazy, over-the-moon in love with a new mystic named Danielle Laporte. She is rocking my integrative, hormone-infused world and getting me totally reconnected to integrative medicine, and how to firestart the health of others on a larger scale.  That's her line in the title: There's … [Read more...]

Fiber Is the New Sexy

Rock your fiber, but not for the reason you're thinking. Eighty percent of women aged 35+ have estrogen dominance, and fiber is proven to lower estrogen levels (and prevent breast cancer). Mind the Gap I recommend 35 to 45 grams of fiber per day yet the average fiber intake among American women is … [Read more...]

The Day After: Neurohormonal Reverb After Finishing Somethin’ Big (A Book, For Instance)

  Have you ever finished a gigantic project, and been surprised by how you felt the next day? A bit unsettled. Out of sorts, maybe? Adrift? That’s how I feel today. Baby is launched. But why such weirdness? And my enduring followup question: What's the neurohormonal backstory? It’s been … [Read more...]

Cortisol Switcharoo (Part 1): How Cortisol Makes You Fat and Angry, Plus 7 Practices to Rock Your Stress

Have you heard of the “cortisol switch?” Here’s the scenario. When you’re stressed, you feel the positive vibe of cortisol - the rise of energy, the focus, the charge, the ascent.  Cortisol is the main stress hormone made in your adrenal glands and it’s designed to get you out of danger. It has 3 main … [Read more...]

Game Changers: 7 Women Who Rock My World (+ Connect Me to My Higher Purpose)

I am so very blessed. Here's why. 7 Women. One Year. These 7 women have vaulted me to places I never thought possible in the past year, from the Fire Starter Sessions with Danielle Laporte (did her book, then did a live Fire Starter, and, WOW, life shifted to technicolor in so many delovely and … [Read more...]