What Stress Does to Your Hormones, Plus 3 PROVEN Stress Management Strategies

Effects Of Stress to Your Hormones, Plus 3 PROVEN Stress Management Strategies

Nothing wrecks your hormones faster than unmanaged stress. However, stress in and of itself is not a bad thing. A healthy dose of stress can motivate you to high levels of productivity and performance. The key is to manage your stress so that it doesn’t spiral out of control, and cause all sorts of … [Read more...]

Gluten & GMOs: The Hidden Health Hazards


For nearly 2 decades, Big Food has relied on GMOs to make plants resistant to pests, to tolerate herbicides, to survive weather changes, and to increase crop yield. Big Food, Monsanto, the FDA, and some of the scientists they support believe GM foods are safe. As a physician scientist (and one of my … [Read more...]

Stuck at the Corner of Fat and Unhappy? The Intersection of Dating & Hormones (+ 3 Ways to Solve Your Dating Dilemmas)

All the single ladies (all the single ladies) All the single ladies, now put your hands up - Beyonce, Put a Ring On It Is your hand in the air right now? Does the thought of dressing up, meeting someone new, and making sparkling conversation sound next to impossible? If yes, I’d put all my money on a … [Read more...]

Dr. Sara’s Book Club #1. 3 Reasons Why We Get Fat (Plus Lunch with Gary Taubes)


What if everything you know about why we get fat is wrong? We are kicking off the start of my new (and FREE!) Dr. Sara’s Book Club with that question, plus many excellent answers and solutions. First, the backstory on why we get fat (and whom I listen to). Not sure you’ve noticed that there’s a ton of … [Read more...]

How a Science-Based Detox Supports Weight Loss + Where to Get One


A good detox should be focused on making you healthier, not frightening your body into thinking you’re going into famine mode. That being said, weight loss is a very common side effect (or “bonus,” maybe?) of a quality detox. In fact, it’s rare that participants don’t lose weight once their metabolic … [Read more...]

The Pusher as Exerciser: 10 Strategies that Help!


In other words, are you hard core? Use whatever word that speaks to you most: fierce, badass, someone with a strong personal code? I bet you are similar to me. Maybe you like to push yourself to your limits, to feel that good burn of hard work, to sweat and then revel in the endorphins that follow an … [Read more...]

Fabulous Fermented Foods: Take Your Health to the Next Level

Dr. Sara Gottfried

I believe that one of this year’s health food buzzwords is going to be “probiotics.” With everyone from Michael Pollan to NPR jumping on the gut bacteria bandwagon, the discussion and science that is emerging on the importance of bacterial health is fascinating. Most people know that a daily probiotic … [Read more...]