Dr. Sara’s Book Club #1. 3 Reasons Why We Get Fat (Plus Lunch with Gary Taubes)


What if everything you know about why we get fat is wrong? We are kicking off the start of my new (and FREE!) Dr. Sara’s Book Club with that question, plus many excellent answers and solutions. First, the backstory on why we get fat (and whom I listen to). Not sure you’ve noticed that there’s a ton of … [Read more...]

How a Science-Based Detox Supports Weight Loss + Where to Get One


A good detox should be focused on making you healthier, not frightening your body into thinking you’re going into famine mode. That being said, weight loss is a very common side effect (or “bonus,” maybe?) of a quality detox. In fact, it’s rare that participants don’t lose weight once their metabolic … [Read more...]

The Pusher as Exerciser: 10 Strategies that Help!


In other words, are you hard core? Use whatever word that speaks to you most: fierce, badass, someone with a strong personal code? I bet you are similar to me. Maybe you like to push yourself to your limits, to feel that good burn of hard work, to sweat and then revel in the endorphins that follow an … [Read more...]

Fabulous Fermented Foods: Take Your Health to the Next Level

Dr. Sara Gottfried

I believe that one of this year’s health food buzzwords is going to be “probiotics.” With everyone from Michael Pollan to NPR jumping on the gut bacteria bandwagon, the discussion and science that is emerging on the importance of bacterial health is fascinating. Most people know that a daily probiotic … [Read more...]

GMOs: Guilty until Proven Innocent (Plus 5 Ways to Reduce Damage to Your Gut and Brain)


Is it safe to eat genetically modified foods? What about if you eat the meat of an animal raised on genetically-modified food? At this point, the scientific community is still gathering data but my hunch is that GMs are not good for your body, and we need to apply the precautionary principle. Here’s … [Read more...]

Strike a Pose and Call Me in the Morning: 5 Ways Yoga Changed My Life


When I was in my thirties, I was working hard. I won’t tell you that I was working too hard, but I was working without sufficient balance. My day job was as a doctor at a Health Maintenance Organization, which I regard as my years in McMedicine. It meant seeing dozens of patients every day, never … [Read more...]

How the Air You Breathe Can Harm You, from Autism to Fatigue to Brain Fog (and 5 Ways to Detox Your Pollutants)


I write a lot about food as information, hormones, self love, and about tweaking your lifestyle in a way that will directly benefit you. Whether it’s to uplevel mood, or lose weight, or have a blissful night’s sleep, most of the people in my tribe are on a personal mission to reclaim health and … [Read more...]