Thyroid Math: What Those Numbers Mean (and What Your Doc Probably Forgot)

Thyroid Math - What Those Stats Mean (and What Your Doc Probably Forgot)

Let's face it... Thyroid numbers are often counterintuitive and confusing. Mix in low thyroid function with the common low-thyroid symptom of brain fog, maybe a bit of depression, and you've got a perfect storm for feeling overwhelmed, and even worse, disempowered about what to do next. Want a sampler … [Read more...]

Cleansing WITHOUT the Jitters–How to Love Up Your Liver Again

Sara Gottfried Cleanse Information

This month we’re singing the praises of the cleanse to keep us from singing the blues. Today, I want to share how a cleanse helps to detox our liver which works so damn hard to break down the harmful toxins that we send its way, as well as just the everyday hormones such as estrogen. I know, some … [Read more...]

My Memory Sucks! Dr. Sara’s Top 3 Tips (+ 1 from Tim Ferriss)


Memory is your ability to store, retain, and recall information at will.  But sometimes, if you’re like me at age 44, you send the signal and… nothing happens. Blank. I got nothin’. As a recovering stressoholic, I’ve learned that we have a very cool part of our brain called the hippocampus that is the … [Read more...]

My Top 5 Hormone Superheroes: My Genius Bar. My Peeps. My Go-To’s.

Here are the Best of Class in Hormonal Health, Peace + Love. Thought leaders, change agents, supersmartypants, Malcomb-Gladwell-types of women’s health and longevity, nutritional radicals, early adoptors, cultural creatives, and, oh YES! the Voice of Reason (guess who!). The folks I go to when I … [Read more...]

Bioidentical Hormones: Yes or No? VOGUE Magazine Wants to Know

Community member Amy Fleischer with husband, Kurt Mullen

Here's a great question from a member of our community named Amy Fleischer, pictured here on the beach with her husband. Amy's question popped up in response to the September Vogue article on hormones by Ginny Graves. Amy's Question I have all the classic perimenopause symptoms, and yet even with all I … [Read more...]

Why the Weirdness with Doctors + Thyroid? Talking Shop with Gena Lee Nolin & Mary Shomon Next Week


It happened again this week. I saw a patient who is 48 and came to me a few months ago because she felt flat sensually and sexually. Let’s call her Daphne. As part of our work together, I found she had a Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) of 3.1 and a low free T3. In other words, her thyroid needed … [Read more...]

Feelin’ Testy (Testimonials, That Is)

Street sign

Thought I'd post a few testimonials, since we women are famous for not seeing the bigger story to our story. Indulge me with a little shameless promotion since I'm short on time today. Even though I'm short on time, I'm not short on gratitude: huge thanks to the lovely women who said such nice things … [Read more...]