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Meet Your Hormones

  Today Imma be yackin‘ online about hormones and how they shift when cleansing, and why.  Was thinking I need a li’l reference guide to each hormone: who they be and what they do. So…I’m a scholar, seeker, yoga teacher and a doctor. It’s serious, sacred stuff. But. Imma be honest. I frequently quote The Blackeyed Peas. Want me to Quote…

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Royal Hormones

Kate is a Perfect Hormonal Specimen. Overly reductionistic? Perhaps. While I don’t have royal fever, I relished watching a video of Kate Middleton have her day in the limelight. OK, we know she had a team of makeup artists and other handlers getting her camera-ready for 3 billion viewers, but even so, she looked fan-tas-tico.…

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Not All Who Wander Are Lusty (But Most of Them Are)

J. R. R. Tolkien wrote: “Not all those who wander are lost.” In fact, I believe that those who wander have found something very valuable. Especially those who find themselves at a Wanderlust festival. As you know, these wonderful weekends are dedicated to days packed full of yoga, farm-to-table meals, gifted musicians, and talks from…

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