A New Approach to Personalized Medicine with Sara Gottfried MD

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Dr. Sara Gottfried MD reopened her practice to new patients on January 15, 2021.  

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A New Way of Healing Based on Dr. Gottfried's 25 Years of Experience, Research, and Unique Insights into the Biology of Precision Health



Our goal with the new practice is to quantify your health, hormones, genomics, and biomarkers in a way that’s never been done before with precision, personalized, pro-active, predictive, purpose-driven, and functional medicine.



A comprehensive assessment of your health and wellbeing, collect data to identify vulnerabilities and root causes of dysfunction (genomics and biomarkers from blood, urine, and stool), and then co-create a customized protocol just for you.



One-on-one exclusive and unprecedented level of care with deep phenotyping that includes integration of wearable sensors, multiomics, and the latest technology to advance your health.