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Your set point is the weight your brain wants your body to maintain.


Just like every house has a thermostat, every body has a brain that regulates fat.


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Brain Body Diet Recipe | Sassy Slaw | Sara Gottfried MD

Sassy Slaw: Full of Color, Flavor and Nutrients

By Sara Gottfried, MD

This spectacular salad, from my book Brain Body Diet, is full of flavor, crunch, and nutrients. I recommend you eat…

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Brain Body Diet Recipe | Tahini Cookies | Sara Gottfried MD

Tahini Cookies: A Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free Treat For You

By Sara Gottfried, MD

I’m always advocating staying off of sugar and saying goodbye to gluten, so you might think that desserts are forbidden…

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Meditation_ Precision Medicine for the Brain and Body |Women's Health|Sara Gottfried MD

Meditation: Precision Medicine for the Brain and Body

By Sara Gottfried MD

Have you heard of this cool thing called meditation? As someone who has fixed a cup of tea and sat…

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