Your set point is the weight your brain wants your body to maintain.


Just like every house has a thermostat, every body has a brain that regulates fat.


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Sara Gottfried Interview |Brain Body Diet| ABC7- KGGO-TV

Sleep better, feel better and lose weight. What’s the secret?

By Sara Gottfried MD

Getting more sleep, feeling better and losing weight. These are things millions of people want. How do you get them?…

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Dr Sara talks with Lorie Johnson from CBN News

Why You Should Care About Your Sugar Levels as Much as Your Retirement Account

By Sara Gottfried MD

Aging Better with the Brain Body Diet This week, I had the pleasure to sit down with Lorie Johnson from…

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Dr Sara Gottfried Brain Body Diet Today Show Interview| Today Show | Nourishing the Brain Body Connection

Nourishing the Brain Body on the Today Show with Maria Shriver

By Sara Gottfried MD

I had the great honor and privilege to launch my new book, Brain Body Diet, on the Today Show with Maria Shriver.

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