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Your set point is the weight your brain wants your body to maintain.


Just like every house has a thermostat, every body has a brain that regulates fat.


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Younger Recipe | Walnut | Sara Gottfried MD

Endive, Fennel, and Pear Salad with Walnuts

By Sara Gottfried MD

Not only is this endive, fennel and pear salad light and delicious, but it also contains anti-oxidants to help you…

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Love Your Liver: 7 Ways to Detox and Remove Toxins | Women's Health | Sara Gottfried M.D.

Love Your Liver: 7 Ways to Detox and Remove Toxins

By Sara Gottfried MD

Our bodies are exposed to toxins on a daily basis. These toxins come from many environmental sources including pollution, toxic…

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Brain Body Diet Recipe | Sassy Slaw | Sara Gottfried MD

Sassy Slaw: Full of Color, Flavor and Nutrients

By Sara Gottfried, MD

This spectacular salad, from my book Brain Body Diet, is full of flavor, crunch, and nutrients. I recommend you eat…

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