Build Resilience and Hormone Balance

Do you want to learn more about hormone balance, the female brain, perimenopause, what supplements we should all be taking, and how to transform health care? At the beginning of this week, I had the honor to be invited by Maria Shriver to chat with her on Architects of Change Live about just that.

We discussed what women need to know to help take control of their health, all in 30 minutes!

The first topic for discussion was why women need to start paying attention to their health and hormone balance at a younger age. Most women in their thirties, let alone their twenties, don’t give hormones a second thought. They are like I used to be, and think of menopause as a cliff they’ll fall off of after age 50. No need to worry about hormones before that. However, paying attention to your hormones at a young age can completely change your risk of disease as you get older.

Knowing how hormones work within your body and how they influence everything from your stress levels, your weight, to your emotional state empowers women and demystifies many symptoms that they experience and seek help for.

Hormone balance to reset your weight and slow down the aging process are topics discussed in my recent books, “Younger” and “The Hormone Reset Diet”. When you understand your hormones, you can finally understand why you can’t seem to get rid of those extra pounds or why you have low-grade anxiety that you can’t shake off or a level of exhaustion that never ends. However, if you discuss your concerns with a doctor, most of them will tell you it’s just the way it is for women of a certain age or they will give you a pill to pop, that comes with its own set of side effects. But most of the health issues that women face can be addressed with natural protocols that include eating the right foods for your body, getting more sleep, and taking the right supplements.

We also touched on Alzheimer’s as this is a subject close to Maria’s heart. The female brain is more likely to suffer a decline in cognitive function compared to the male brain but it can be prevented, especially if you start taking care of your health at an earlier age.

Taking care of your brain health also became the focus of my life following a major life event a couple of years ago. I realized that so many of the problems that plague us as women, from anxiety to depression, from brain fog to cognitive decline, even addiction, is related to the brain/body connection. How I repaired my brain led me to write my upcoming book, “Brain Body Diet”, in which I share all of the life-changing discoveries I made during my recovery. One of the aims of the book is to share with women easy-to-follow protocols that will have an immediate impact on nagging health issues they face on a daily basis yet these changes will continue to have long-term benefits on the health of their brain as they move through perimenopause, menopause, and beyond.

I have always admired Maria Shriver for her activism and as a visionary and pioneer in women’s health. My cause has been to transform the health of my female patients and the women I reach with my work and my books. I want to empower women with new ways to think about their health, new knowledge that they can use to talk to their doctor (or change doctors) but my larger cause is to change healthcare as we know it. Are you on board?