Thyroid Questionnaire

I love this questionnaire from Dr. Hotze, another integrative physician. It gets to the heart of whether you should be tested for thyroid dysregulation, even if your conventional doc has dismissed your concerns. I also like to use these questions to build a tracker for how you improve with different … [Read more...]

Sake Bombs or Kale? Vacation Review

At the risk of sounding insufferable, I have to share some thoughts on two side-by-side vacations.   Let me preface our discussion with two disclosures:  I have adrenal dysregulation and two young kids. While I'm in adrenal "recovery," as many of you know who are on this path with me -- … [Read more...]

Fried: Why You Burn Out by Joan Borysenko, PhD

  I'm loving Joan Borysenko's new book, Fried... except I think I'm fried. I hate it when that happens. I immerse myself, write and teach what I most need to learn. Joan refers to one symptom of burnout - the desire to take sabbaticals regularly - and that totally rings true for me, like an … [Read more...]

What If… Breast Cancer? Dr. Sara’s Top 10 List of How to Reduce Your Risk

With every mammogram I get, I think about what I would do if diagnosed with breast cancer. First, I'd wig. Then I'd get all empowered and put on my big girl face, and get down to business. It's timely to chat about this because the National Cancer Institute just announced that there will be a 50 percent … [Read more...]

Dump the Junk: Reasons to Dump Caffeine

  I recommend to all my patients that they limit caffeine intake and completely detox for at least 14 days twice per year. And I getta lotta push back. Why? Probably because most of my patients have some degree of adrenal dysregulation, and caffeine gets them going in the morning, and keeps them … [Read more...]

It’s Not You, It’s Your Adrenals

I have a confession: It wasn’t long ago that I was addicted to all the things that I preach against – sugar, adrenaline, caffeine, dairy and alcohol. At Harvard Medical School, I was taught (and blithely internalized) the message that the ruthless and dogged pursuit of medical knowledge was noble, even … [Read more...]