Dr Sara's Top 3 Natural Tips for Vulvodynia (Tongue-Twister That It Is… Means Your Patuti Hurts or Feels Irritated)

By Sara Gottfried, MD | February 5, 2012

  We may not talk about it as openly as our kids or latest food obsession, but vulvodynia affects 15% of women. The official, Harvard approved definiition of vulvodynia is…

What Nutrient-Dense Food, Exercise + Orgasm Have In Common

By Sara Gottfried, MD | January 26, 2012

Today I was on a telejam with my new friend, Alexandra Jamieson, who is the nutritionista in the award-winning film, Super Size Me, author and a brilliant certified health and…

My Memory Sucks! Dr. Sara's Top 3 Tips (+ 1 from Tim Ferriss)

By Sara Gottfried, MD | January 25, 2012

Memory is your ability to store, retain, and recall information at will.  But sometimes, if you’re like me at age 44, you send the signal and… nothing happens. Blank. I…

Gretchen Rubin Made Me Do It: Getting Out the Door to Exercise

By Sara Gottfried, MD | January 25, 2012

One of my dearest friends and I talked about how we didn’t want to read yet another book from some Yalie telling us what to do with our lives, but…

Answer to Your Questions Monday 1/23/12 at 8am P/11am E (or get the recording)

By Sara Gottfried, MD | January 22, 2012

  Last minute Sally here. We had so many burning questions from the last few telejams that I decided on an impromptu live Q&A on Monday. That’s in 2 days.…

Not Your Mother's Thyroid Talk: Think Different About Your Thyroid Health

By Sara Gottfried, MD | January 20, 2012

Slow food? Love it. Slow sex? You know it. Slow thyroid? A show stopper. You cannot realize your full potential in the world if your thyroid is working against you.…

My Top 5 Hormone Superheroes: My Genius Bar. My Peeps. My Go-To’s.

By Sara Gottfried, MD | January 18, 2012

Here are the Best of Class in Hormonal Health, Peace + Love. Thought leaders, change agents, supersmartypants, Malcomb-Gladwell-types of women’s health and longevity, nutritional radicals, early adoptors, cultural creatives, and,…

What Dr. Oz Taught Me About Oprah's Thyroid + Why She Struggles with Weight

By Sara Gottfried, MD | January 16, 2012


7 Tips to Boost Metabolism: Reset Your Internal Chem Lab

By Sara Gottfried, MD | January 7, 2012

One size fits all dieting fails 98% of the time. The alternative? I’ve got 3 options that work, that have helped thousands of my patients lose pounds and keep ’em…

Track Equanimity + Adjust Sooner in 2012

By Sara Gottfried, MD | January 1, 2012

Peace. Stress hormones, particularly the queen of ‘em, cortisol, normalizes. Briefly. Not too high. Not too low. Tank full, even overflowing, and it’s the overflow I give to others—my family…