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Hormonal Balance, Balance Your Life: Dr. Sara’s Book Club #16

Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life: Dr. Sara’s Book Club #16

It’s not every day I meet another female doctor who loves talking about hormones as much as I do.  But when I chatted recently with Dr. Claudia Welch, author of “Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life: Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness through Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Western Science,” I knew I had met a soul sister, indeed. We use … [Read More...]

Dr Sara’s Genius Bar: My Favorite Clean Recipe Blogs

Dr. Sara’s Genius Bar: My Favorite Healthy Recipe Blogs

Is there anything better than stumbling upon a recipe that’s both healthy and makes you drool over the thought of eating it?  Like Hippocrates said, food is medicine – and I’m all about eating your way to a rockin’ bod and balanced hormones. The problem is, recipe blogs are a dime a dozen these days, and most people need a little guidance when … [Read More...]

Why Do I Feel Detached? The Cortisol-Oxytocin Connection

Why Do I Feel Disconnected? The Cortisol-Oxytocin Connection

Do you feel stressed, tired, lonely and disconnected from your relationships with others and even yourself? Do you prefer to stay home than socialize? Have you walked by people you know and didn’t say hi, not because they annoy you but because you didn’t want to interact? Are you missing the warmth of love and connection? Do you just not … [Read More...]

Are You Having A Good Diet? 5 Mistakes That Damage a Clean Diet

Are You Eating Clean? 5 Mistakes That Sabotage a Good Diet

The road to learning clean eating habits can be a long one. For most of you, overhauling your diet doesn’t happen overnight. It starts slowly – first you swap your soda habit for sparkling water, next you cut back on your cheese addiction, and then one day you wake up and find yourself noshing on a kale salad and sipping a kombucha like a true-blue … [Read More...]

How to Have Choosy Kids to Eat (and Grow!) Their Veggies

How to Get Picky Kids to Eat (and Grow!) Their Vegetables

As any parent knows, getting your kids to eat vegetables can be a real challenge. In my house, this is a nearly constant struggle with my youngest daughter, who is a seriously picky eater. This pains me because I consider vegetables to be medicine, whereas the rest of it - the grains, meat, even fruit - are simply nourishing food. One of the best … [Read More...]

Thyroid Math - What Those Stats Mean (and What Your Doc Probably Forgot)

Thyroid Math: What Those Numbers Mean (and What Your Doc Probably Forgot)

Let's face it... Thyroid numbers are often counterintuitive and confusing. Mix in low thyroid function with the common low-thyroid symptom of brain fog, maybe a bit of depression, and you've got a perfect storm for feeling overwhelmed, and even worse, disempowered about what to do next. Want a sampler of how confusing thyroid math can get? - … [Read More...]

Finding Your ME Spot: Dr. Sara’s Book Club #15

Finding Your ME Spot: Dr. Sara’s Book Club #15

We’ve all experienced it – life gets so busy you lose sight of your own needs and desires. Deborah Kagan's book "Find Your ME Spot" describes the five senses and how they relate to your overall sense of health, well-being, and vitality. You try to be everything to everyone at the expense of truly taking care of – or getting to know – yourself. … [Read More...]




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