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Food Addiction Part 1: The Science Behind the Syndrome

Most of us have a wonderful relationship with food. Beyond eating for survival, we enjoy food in moderation and know that it brings us nutrition, joy, and health. For some people, though, food is an obsession that dominates their life. Food addiction—a cluster of chemical dependencies that leads to a loss of control over food—can wreak havoc. In many respects, the … [Read More...]


2014 Fun and Healthy Holiday Gift Guide (Something for Everyone on Your List!)

In a season that should be about slowing down and enjoying family and friends, it’s too easy to get caught up in “gift giving paralysis.” What healthy, nutritious, and meaningful gifts can you buy for those you love? I can help! I’ve pulled together this list of some of my favorite things—gifts that are guaranteed to please the women and men on your list. From … [Read More...]


Dr. Sara’s Book Club: The Bulletproof Diet

  As you know, I’m a big proponent of hacking your hormones to achieve optimum results. In his new book, The Bulletproof Diet, my friend Dave Asprey takes this concept of “hacking” to an entirely new level. "What are the simplest things you can do to be better at everything?" Tweet Back when Dave was in his mid-twenties, he weighed more than 300 … [Read More...]


Stay Focused and Healthy This Holiday Season with the Right Kind of Intermittent Fasting

The idea of fasting for any length of time is a bit scary for all of us—and for good reason. Our brains are trained to think that the world is coming to an end when we stop eating, even for as few as eighteen hours. However, there are unquestionable benefits to short bouts of intermittent fasting, including a metabolic boost and sharper focus. We all want to … [Read More...]


Q & A with Chris Kresser

Chris Kresser is a neighbor and my favorite savant when it comes to ancestral health and how it informs functional medicine. He generously answered my burning questions about how he got into functional medicine and Paleo, gut health, and his latest interests.... Q: Chris, you’re trained as an acupuncturist but you’re also one of the best functional medicine … [Read More...]


Curing Cortisol with Carbs – Dr. Alan Christianson

Dr. Sara has done a great job teaching you about how important hormones like cortisol are to your health. Here is another tool you can have to help keep your cortisol on track you can stay lean, energized, and focused this holiday season. Learn about the link between cortisol and carbs to get through the holiday season. Because cortisol manages your blood … [Read More...]


Thanksgiving Survival Guide: Grain Free and Full of Grace and Gratitude

As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to help you make a conscious effort to avoid the whole post-feasting exhaustion and "long winter's nap" comes from a carb and grain overload. All I want for my tribe is to avoid spiking and plunging our collective blood sugar on Thanksgiving. May we ignite joy, not inflammation! Every bite of food, whether it’s part of a … [Read More...]




The #1 Disruptor to Your Hormones: Interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup

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I believe in eating your leafy greens rather than popping synthetic pills. I believe in Ayurveda, integrative medicine, + yoga to cultivate your vitality. If this is the doctoring you seek, you’re in the right place!  Dr. Sara Gottfried