Body Dissatisfaction: Do You Have It? Novel Interruptions to the Pattern


  There’s something terribly wrong with this statistic: 80% of women are unhappy with their body. I believe female body dissatisfaction is at epidemic levels, and it’s a top driver of food addiction and its sidekicks: eating disorders, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, chronic stress, hormone … [Read more...]

How to Rock the Hay-bale: My First Fashion Show for Fibershed A.K.A. The 150-Mile Wardrobe


Recently, I walked my first runway. No, it wasn’t New York Fashion Week. It was a straw-bale runway in rural Point Reyes Station, CA. Does that challenge your idea of fashion? Make you rethink glamour? That's the point. That's why eco-visionary and author Rebecca Burgess asked friends in the … [Read more...]


Was getting a little veggie henna applied to my lashes today on Fourth Street in Berkeley when I stumbled upon a new eco boutique in the 'hood: CONVERT. WOW. Waltzed in and explained my organic experiment: one year - 100% organic in what I wear and schmear. No blank stare. Instead: efficient march … [Read more...]

Organic Right Up Next to Your Skin: Undies

Perhaps the most important layer in my organic experiment is my undies. Right up next to your privateness, you want no endocrine disruptors or heavy metals. Surprisingly, I found this to be one of the harder items to procure before January 1, 2011 when my experiment begins. Here in Berkeley, there's a … [Read more...]

Organically Jeaned: Change Up the Paradigm

Learned today that the European Union has rigid boundaries on the type of cotton they import - no toxic dyes, no cheap cotton laced with DDT, as several cottons from China and India were recently demonstrated to contain. The EU regularly tests their imported textiles carefully; we in the US do not. One … [Read more...]

ReCAP of 2010: Dr. Sara Puts It Out There


Ok, friends: It's D-2 for the start of my organic experiment. As I look back on the crazy-assed testing I've done to measure my toxic load this month, and look to Saturday 1.1.11 as the start of my experiment, I'm systematizing some of the delicious gems I've uncovered in the past year of prep. Here it … [Read more...]

Notes on an Organic Life, Week 2


I'm 2 weeks into my organic experiment of wearing, eating and schmearing only organic. Frankly it's been difficult: cold, my options are rather limited and it's been expensive. Yet I love it. Let's start with cold. I bought organic wool yarn from a sweet sheep farm in Petaluma last October. I thought … [Read more...]