How Happy Relationships Can Improve Your Health…3 Hormone-Balancing Relationship Tips

The quality of your relationships impacts every area of life – including your health and hormones.

Imagine you wake up in the morning and are feeling great. You get out of bed, make breakfast, and have a conversation with your boyfriend or husband . . . that turns into an argument.

When you leave for work a little later, how do you feel?

You’re probably pretty frustrated and angry. You go about your day, but there’s this cloud hanging over you because you can’t quite put the argument out of your head. You have trouble focusing – and you might even indulge in unhealthy foods or behaviors because you just feel “off.”

This scenario can play out in countless ways – with your family, spouse, friends, and even your colleagues or boss.

How Happy Relationships Can Make Your Health BetterThe bottom line is that your relationships and well-being are closely interconnected.

When there’s conflict and strain in your relationships, it can make you feel frustrated, down on yourself, and even a little crazy at times – none of which promotes hormone balance!

The opposite is also true: strong, supportive relationships can give you the foundation you need to make wellness a top priority.

Here are 3 tips to enjoy better relationships today:

1. Take Care Of Yourself First

If you are always taking care of others before yourself, you’ll quickly wear yourself out. Instead, take time to do the things that nurture you. Make a list of 3 things that really recharge your batteries, and put at least one of those on your calendar for this week (Dr. Sara calls this “tiara time”). You’ll be amazed at how much more energy this will give you – and how all of your relationships will improve – from just this one simple practice.

2. Ask For What You Want (Instead Of What You DON’T Want)

It’s easy to get into the unconscious habit of complaining or getting frustrated when we don’t get what we want – especially in our relationships. This week, be aware of when you feel like complaining, and practice clearly stating want you want instead. For example, if you want to tell your husband, “We never spend time together!” you might try saying, “I’d love to check out that new Italian restaurant around the corner. Let’s meet there for a date on Friday night!”

3. Tell Them How They Contribute

Everyone wants to be noticed for how they contribute to your life. Acknowledgement is a powerful skill that will strengthen your relationships at home and at work. This is different than giving a compliment. A compliment is something like, “you look really nice today.” An acknowledgement means clearly stating what someone did or said that contributed, such as “when you made me breakfast this morning, it really made me feel loved and cared for.”

Think about a relationship you want to strengthen and write down 10 ways that person contributes to your life or the lives of others. Verbally let them know at least three of those within the next week.

gigi sageGigi Sage
Gigi Sage is an international author, speaker, coach and trainer, who is best known for teaching women practical skills for communicating with men – at home, at work, and beyond.

As one of the most respected communication experts in the US and Europe, Gigi regularly leads seminars and retreats around the world. She also founded the Curiosity Coaching Academy, a one-year program that teaches women how to be relationship coaches. For more information, visit

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  1. Cathy Fraser on December 20, 2013 at 8:35 am

    I have been reading a lot lately on hormones, and the imbalances that we can have with them. I really never knew how much impact they had. You really can make great or horrible changes depending on how you treat your body. I am currently reading a great book by Doug Ginter called My Hormones, it’s worth a look. is his site. He really knows and taleks about the littlest to biggest impacts certain things have on our hormones which then impact our daily lives. It’s good information.