August Break: A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words + A Dose of Uddiyana

is there anything more luscious than cat/cow when you’ve been writing all day?

my cat/cow revealed

as with most things, i do cat/cow differently than most… inhale/arch back into a back bend; exhale/round back like a halloween cat, pause, stay empty of breath, and pull belly back toward spine into uddiyana. hold for as long as comfortable – maybe a 10-second count. repeat.

break it down for me, doc

uddiyana means “soaring.” is there a more apt kriya for august? a kriya is a cleansing practice in yoga, or as defined by julia cameron of the artist’s way, a spiritual earthquake that shakes stuck things loose.

thank you, august break, for a 1000 words

here’s the new twist on a picture being worth a thousand words – i’m writing a thousand words of my book by taking a break from blogging. love it.

delightful to be present to the month of august through a camera lens! photo by madeleine tilin.