Brain Body Diet |Beet| Sara Gottfried, M.D.

Sassy Slaw: Full of Color, Flavor and Nutrients

By Sara Gottfried, MD | July 10, 2019

This spectacular slaw, from my book Brain Body Diet, is full of flavor, crunch, and nutrients. I recommend you eat at least five colors of whole foods each day to…

Brain Body Diet Recipe | Tahini Cookies | Sara Gottfried MD

Tahini Cookies: A Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free Treat

By Sara Gottfried, MD | July 6, 2019

I’m always advocating staying off of sugar and saying goodbye to gluten, so you might think that desserts are forbidden territory. Well, think again! These cookies are a big treat.…

Meditation: Precision Medicine for the Brain and Body

By Sara Gottfried MD | June 25, 2019

As someone who has fixed a cup of tea and sat down to get quiet on a daily basis for the past few decades, I am a total convert on…

Sara Gottfried Hormonal Health Article |Sugar|Sugar and Brain Health: How to Keep Your Marbles As You Age

Sugar and Brain Health: How to Keep Your Marbles As You Age

By Sara Gottfried MD | June 6, 2019

We all know that sugar is not good for the waistline. But do you know the effect sugar has on your brain health? Sugar is perhaps the best-known offender when…

Brain Body Diet Recipe | Berry | Sara Gottfried MD

Berry Cobbler Shake: Feed Your Brain

By Sara Gottfried MD | May 1, 2019

Start your day with a breakfast shake. It’s one of those small daily habits that can add up to major health transformation over time. My Berry Cobbler Shake is packed…

Sara Gottfried MD Epigenetics Article |Transgenerational Trauma

Transgenerational Soul Wounds and the Trauma of the Sri Lanka Bombings

By Sara Gottfried MD | April 24, 2019

The terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka claimed the lives of over three hundred people and injured hundreds more. When I read about the suicide bombings, it’s not just the hundreds…

Is Aging Optional?

By Sara Gottfried, MD | April 3, 2019

Is aging optional? Do we have more control over our aging than we might believe? Or are we victims of our environment and genetic code? I’m fascinated by the mission…

Brain Body Diet Recipe | Cream of Broccoli Soup| Sara Gottfried MD

Broccoli Soup: Dairy-Free For Brain Body Balance

By Sara Gottfried MD | April 1, 2019

Even though Spring is here, it’s never too late in the year to have a warm bowl of my creamy Broccoli soup. You can still enjoy one if you’re detoxing…

Sara Gottfried MD Women's Health Article | Gut Brain Axis | Could The Gut-Brain Axis Hold The Secrets To Radically Transform Your Health?

Nutrigenomics: Food as Precision Medicine

By Sara Gottfried MD | March 20, 2019

Imagine a world where you don’t need to count calories or obsess over food. Imagine a world where you’re not caught between retreating to the couch or spending hours at…

Finger-Licking Good Braised Turmeric Cinnamon Chicken

By Sara Gottfried MD | March 19, 2019

Slow your roll with this incredible chicken recipe from Younger. Simmering this chicken slowly better breaks down all the nutrients so they are more easily digestible.  If we’re talking about…