Cleansing As Honeymoon Between You + Your Body

Here’s a trick I’ve learned. When people at social gatherings ask why you’re not eating toxins and drinking a glass of wine with them, look them in the eye and tell them, “I’m on honeymoon with my body.” You have an exclusive pleasure coming your way of serving your body the foods that are most nourishing, and eliminating the toxic parts that we are all exposed to in our daily lives. But it doesn’t need to come from a place of lack, of as solemn proclamation of “I can’t have wine, gluten or dairy,” but rather the enthused state of a person who is entering the flow, the seat of her greatest vitality. Dwell there with me.

We are getting the goods together to launch another LIVE Dr. Sara Gottfried Cleanse. Join us virtually? Or start the Cleanse now to jumpstart your honeymoon. We’ll have LIVE dates for you soon.

Over the first 7 days of the Cleanse, you will be dumping the junk:  sugar, caffeine, alcohol, gluten and dairy. And working on a big cognituve reframe… it’s not about getting rid of all the bad food in your life; it’s about anticipating the deep pleasure of renewed energy and robust health.

What toxin is easiest for you to remove? Let go of that toxin first. Most people have the greatest difficulty with caffeine. Let’s take that one on for a moment.

Remove Caffeine: Tips

if you’re quite addicted to coffee or black tea, take it slow. It’s usually best to first switch to black tea if you’re a regular coffee drinker, green tea if you’re addicted to black, and white tea if you’re into green. Those each have lessening amounts of caffeine. My fave substitute: warm cup of filtered water with fresh Meyer lemon & a pinch of cayenne. That and skin brushing in the morning (get your skin brush at Whole Foods) gets you going so you don’t need the caffeine.

Know that caffeine INCREASES cortisol, anxiety & sugar cravings. And thickens your waist. And makes you retain fluid. If you’re a bit addicted to sugar, dumping caffeine will make it easier to part with sugar.

Get off caffeine completely for 14-21 days. Notice how your sleep improves. Inspect your eyes carefully in the mirror, and see how they become more clear and soulful over the next week.

Watch here for more tips coming your way in the days and weeks to come.