D7 August Break: Breaking Free from Restriction

We’re one week into the August Break. Trying not to write, but as usual I’m processing, processing, processing.

Here’s what I’m working with, in the hopes that it’ll provide some benefit to you. It’s a path toward greater authenticity. It’s my daily inquiry, my endeavor to break out of the old-school medical paradigm into my new paradigm. A more authentic paradigm of care – wellness coaching. My fluffy, flirty and new integrative wellness paradigm for women.

Actually, these questions are quite delicious whenever you are trying to break free of something that holds you back. My analogy is that I’m like a bird in a cage in the old medical paradigm – the broken-down, patriarchal model. Yet I have the key to open the door, escape the cage and soar.

1. In what situation have I felt restricted today? What was the impact?

2. Who has restricted me today? Why?

3. How did I let myself feel restricted today? Why?

Would love to hear your thoughts/comments/answers/observations in the comments. Here’s to our collective soaring. xoxoSG