Feed Your Face

“Maybe it’s because women in L.A. are overly concerned with what they’re eating, but when I opened my own dermatology practice, I started asking every patient to tell me about her diet. Over and over I heard variations on the same theme: “I know that my diet doesn’t have an effect on my skin, but I seem to break out every time I eat [fill in the blank].” It didn’t take long to notice some definite patterns and to realize I was on to something. Maybe food did affect the skin, despite what I had been taught in medical school?
The original version of the FEED YOUR FACE Diet was just a pile of papers held together with a binder clip. But before long, family, friends, and even my celebrity patients were clamoring for it. That’s because the results spoke for themselves: Skin looked smoother. Acne cleared. Rashes subsided. Even women who already had beautiful, blemish-free complexions swore that their skin looked more radiant than it had in years. Now you, too, can learn how to FEED YOUR FACE.” —

From Introduction to the bestselling book,  FEED YOUR FACE by Dr. Jessica Wu, MD

Dr. Wu is a warm, considerate and charming classmate of mine from Harvard Medical School. Her book has an incredibly engaging and conversational voice. We women are redefining the genre of health writing – such that the new paradigm is about connection and humor, and less about a dry, academic delivery of data.

For more of the backstory on Dr. Wu, check out her website right here.