Feelin' Testy (Testimonials, That Is)

Thought I’d post a few testimonials, since we women are famous for not seeing the bigger story to our story. Indulge me with a little shameless promotion since I’m short on time today. Even though I’m short on time, I’m not short on gratitude: huge thanks to the lovely women who said such nice things below (plus some less nice things – keeps me humble). xoxox



Dr. Gottfried has been seeing me since 2005 when I first came to her with terrible menstrual cycle issues.  I would often find myself on the floor of the bathroom in a cold sweat purging everything in the first few days of my period.  Most Western doctors over the years tried to alleviate the problem by putting me on the pill…not only am I opposed to taking drugs just to mask a symptom, but the pill wreaked havoc on me emotionally.  Dr. Sara was at Kaiser at the time, and she spent so much time listening and discussing various options with me that I left feeling like I’d been to a spa rather than the circus of Kaiser.  The answer wasn’t in a prescription at all, and for the first time I was given a clear and basic understanding of what was happening to me.  I continue to see her now we’ve got the menstrual cramping under control.  As I age and my body changes, it’s so wonderful to have a doctor that I can trust to give me the whole scope of healing possibilities – not just a prescription for pain killer.  I know that I’m in good hands.  I know that she stays up to date on all research, supplements, diets, etc. so I trust that as I’m changing, she’s constantly updating her skill set.  I still see my Kaiser physician for the routine exam, but whenever I encounter something that doesn’t feel right Dr. Sara is my first call. — Michelle C of Emeryvile, CA

I went to Dr. Gottfried almost two years ago because I felt completely depleted and did not feel like myself much of the time. Though I thought I was having perimenopausal symptoms (sleeplessness, night sweats), I hadn’t sought help. She spent a lot of time talking to me about my whole life picture to determine what the best plan of action was for me. After taking that into consideration and some testing, she prescribed low doses of bioidentical hormones as well as some  other supplements to get my hormones and energy back on track.  Within a few weeks at the most, I felt so much better! I’m forever grateful for her expertise and attention to me as an individual. A lot of traditional western medicine treats patients as if we’re all the same…….but all cases are different and our own bodies are constantly changing. During perimenoupause, It’s a process of tinkering and refining, and she’s great at guiding one through this process. — Madeleine T of Oakland, CA

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sara!  She is not only a very caring and warm human being, but also she’s an extraordinarily compassionate doctor.  It’s no small matter that she has the most amazing education and credentials (Harvard trained), and is an experienced yoga teacher.  She truly combines the best of Eastern and Western medicine approaches, and she stays abreast of the latest research on nutrition, diet, supplements and clinical tests, thus offering her patients the very best care available today. Sara will work tirelessly to help figure out the health challenges that most doctors would have no answers for.  She has really helped me get to the bottom of a variety of troubling symptoms related to my stage in life–insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, stress.  Her recommendations have helped me become more balanced and focused, sleep better at night, and feel more serenity in my life.  In every session, she is always ultra-prepared and spends lots of quality time addressing your needs, desires, concerns, etc.  She has a truly holistic view that takes into account each patients individuality.  Especially if you’ve had any health concerns that your regular doctor has not been able to adequately address, I encourage you to see Sara!  She’s the best. — Sarah H of Richmond, CA

I am overwhelmed with my experience with Dr Gottfried.  My intuitive senses sent me there, but not knowing what to expect.  I was attracted to the word “integrative” in searching for a doctor.  The technological advances in modern medicine are life saving and amazing.  I am dependent on modern medicine and grateful.  This being said, I sensed a lack on being treated as a whole.   I had one doctor for OBGYN issues, one doctor for thyroid disease and a pulmonary doctor.  Having a different doctor for each different body part and disease really started to bother me.  We are not just the sum of our parts.  Dr. Gottfried strives to find the complicated balance for us.  This is alot of work and not just as easy as taking a prescription.  I had always taken good care of my self, but still felt terrible.  I went to Dr Gottfried thinking that I felt terrible because of menopause and that I needed bioidentical hormones instead of the typical prempro prescription I had been given for years.  After listening to my history and complaints, Dr Gottfried recommended lots of testing.  I really did not know where this was going.  Well, here is what happened.  I found that my thyroid was not being treated properly.  I found that my adrenals were shot.  I found that the hormone thing was just the tip of the iceberg.  Again, lots of work, but I decided to follow through with Dr Gottfried.  My first reward was sleep!  I had not slept in years.  I actually hit that deep sleep that my body had lost touch with.  I realize that the repairs and chemical balance that our bodies achieve in sleep is critical.  As an added plus, I see the true definition of ‘beauty rest’.  I found out that I did not have to walk around with that feeling of anxiety in my chest.  I am still working on all my adrenal, hormonal and thyroid problems.  Dr Gottfried’s approach of treating all these as a system and recognizing the need for balancing everything together is what is working.  Don’t think this is easy.  We don’t all react the same and Dr Gottfried is constantly throwing new information out there.  I am just beginning, but have confidence that someone is listening.  Hugs to Dr Gottfried — Patricia P of Castro Valley

Let’s post some of the less favorable too. When you’re difficult to get into to see, maybe it’s time to go more virtual. That’s my line of thinking….

She is extremely knowledgeable in hormone balance and very helpful with lifestyle suggestions and referals.  Very difficult to get in which can be frustrating, but worth the wait. – Michele S of Oakland, CA