Gluten & GMOs: The Hidden Health Hazards

GMO_SaraFor nearly 2 decades, Big Food has relied on GMOs to make plants resistant to pests, to tolerate herbicides, to survive weather changes, and to increase crop yield. Big Food, Monsanto, the FDA, and some of the scientists they support believe GM foods are safe.

As a physician scientist (and one of my favorite warriors in the fight for better food and nutrition), Dr. Jeffrey Smith’s resounding opinion is that GMO foods are among the top health threats of our nation. Current studies are producing fascinating data on the long- and short-term effects of GMOs on our health, our hormones, and our happiness. I recently had a wonderful talk with him that shone a light on the threats that GMOs represent, and what we as educated consumers can do to combat them.

I urge you to take a crash course in all things GMO and participate in Jeffrey Smith’s upcoming GMO mini summit; it will be a fascinating and enlightening look at the science and the steps we can take as consumers to reclaim our health.

What Are GMOs?

GMOs  (Genetically Modified Organisms) are crops that have been genetically engineered for a desired trait, such as insect resistance, starch content, ripening, or resistance to herbicides, viruses, or fungus. Changes to the genetic makeup, the nutritional value, and even the presence of helpful bacteria in the food that we eat every day have major and lasting effects on how our bodies process nutrition.

Optimize Your Health with Organic Food

A longtime skeptic of the hazards of GMOs himself, people who can directly correlate their symptoms with the consumption of GMO foods are now a commonality to Jeffrey Smith. He cites “going organic” as one of the simplest and most effective cures at our disposal. GMOs aside, going organic also means that additives and coloring agents, and a whole host of artificial ingredients are no longer building up in your system. That means, stop going with the nutritional flow.

I’ve got my hands in my pockets,

Kicking these rocks.

It’s kinda hard to watch this life go by.

– Andy Grammer, Keep Your Head Up

Jeffrey-M.-Smith-Headshot-May-2011-2Glyphosate & the Gut

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Round Up, kills beneficial bacteria in poultry and cattle, which is eventually passed on to consumers (us). Your bacteria are everything; in fact, you’re only 10% human. Roughly 90% of the genetic data in your body are from the microbial species within it. That means that what you ingest plays a huge role in determining your health and ability to derive nutrition from your food. Glyphosate also increases estrogen in males and testosterone in females, is linked to many reproductive disorders (birth defects, infant mortality rates), increases toxic buildup, and kills off your good gut bacteria. Jeffrey Smith’s audiences consistently give feedback about how organic nutrition solved their gut issues, sleep, weight loss, allergies and more.

Glyphosate has been closely linked to diabetes, autism, dementia, IBS, and myriad gut issues. Increases in inflammation and allergies also align with the rise of GM crops. A comprehensive study on feeding Round Up-ready corn fed to rats. The rats died 2-3x the rate of the controls. They died earlier, and also endured organ damage, tumors, and genetic changes. Long story short? GMO consumption has been linked to accelerated aging. I want you to excel, not expire!

Public Enemy #2: Gluten

Dr. Smith believes the following symptoms are related to both gluten and GM food:

  • Leaky/permeable gut

  • Celiac disease

  • Food allergies

  • Overgrowth of negative gut bacteria

  • Damage to microvilli

  • Loss of enzymes in the pancreas

  • Immune system dysfunction

Doctors tell us that when they take patients off gluten and GMOs, they see a faster and more complete recovery. It is possible that GMOs can predispose people to gluten-related disorders.  Conventional doctors are notoriously horrible at diagnosing gluten and celiac disorders, which is why Dr. Smith and I strongly suggest you educate your doctors about GMOs…or try going off them yourself to see if you get a positive reaction.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed…use the precautionary principle. Avoid GM food when you can; stick to organic foods that contain ingredients you can pronounce. Shop at local farmer’s markets. Grow your own food!

Your Three Action Steps

1. Get educated. Jeffrey’s upcoming GMO mini summit is the perfect opportunity to learn the latest in GMO research and studies.

2. Avoid GMOs. Not only are more companies avoiding GMOs, but they’re also stating it on the label. Check out or the Shop No GMO app on your smartphone for tips on avoiding GMOs as well as a list of at-risk ingredients.

3. Kick them out. Wield your buying power responsibly! Buy buying non-GMO products, you send a message to producers that the public wants to spend their money on responsibly-grown items. Educate your family, your peers, your doctors about the health effects of GM foods to increase the effectiveness.

Want to spread the word? Share with your friends and family. I’m on a mission to get my whole tribe on an organic, gut-loving diet just like Jeffrey!