Kicking Dairy: Why Bother?

Throughout my 22 years of taking care of people, I’ve seen a lot of addictive behaviors. Particularly around food. Most common: chocolate, cheese, caffeine, flour, sugar, taken to anesthetize. These babies are drugs.

I recall learning in the early 1980s that dairy products contain morphine-like substances. This was published in Science in 1981. Learned this while studying nutrition and kids, and was curious why my daughters would drink cup after cup of organic milk if left to their own devices. I was aghast. I guess it makes sense in a Darwinian way that a baby calf would do better if addicted to cow milk. But I don’t think we humans have a benefit.

I didn’t think I had a problem with cheese until I encountered Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes. Now, I’m clear that I have a problem. I’m far better now, and my bowels are much happier, off dairy.

But don’t take my word, for it. Stay skeptical. I welcome that. Get more data. Here’s a bit more.