Mini-Sabbatical Coming Soon

When I first went to France at 17, I was struck by how Paris shut down for the month of August. I thought taking the month of August off sounded fabulously good. Time to get expansive. Reconnect deeply with family and friends, in an unhurried manner. Time for lingering meals. Slow food. Slow sex. Acres of yoga. Bushels of tomatoes. Daily meditation. Time just to let go a bit, to let the adrenal glands heal.

Now I do it every year, and this year I’m starting July 21, 2011. Get ready.

We still have some webjams planned while I’m on sabbatical – I can’t resist. I’ll be using the time to write my forthcoming book, The Hormone Cure (Scribner/Simon & Schuster). I’ll be finalizing the launch of a new coaching program to create hormonal superheroes for a select group of women this fall. I’ll be re-tooling and optimizing my online Dr. Sara Gottfried Cleanse.

Of course, I’ll be writing about it here throughout the month, tweeting and Facebooking. But I won’t be in the office seeing patients or answering clinical emails or refilling prescriptions. I won’t be doing any of that old medical paradigm stuff from July 21 to September 1.

When was your last sabbatical? Do you need one? Share with me your fantasy sabbatical. xoxoSG