Organically Fit: Togs for The Dailey Method & Yoga

I was imagining the rolled eyes at The Dailey Method, which is the exercise I favor and find better than working out with a trainer. But if you aren’t sporting the latest Lululemon during your workout, you’re a bit of a freak.

Whatever. I think they know by now I’m a bit of a freak.

On the other hand, I knew my yoga posse wouldn’t mind me busting out my yoga moves in organic cotton. They’re used to that. Seekers, self-experimenters, searching for meaning and a good organic yoga pant.

So what to wear. For a whole year. Got the jeans, got the organic cotton thongs. But technical gear for my time-starved exercise routine?

There’s the old reliable Blue Canoe. Yawn. Sorry, but while it feels good, the design looks remarkably similar to 7 years ago when I bought it while breastfeeding. Fortunately I did find one top worth mentioning (and, if you are a beloved patient of mine, you’re seeing it on me at least once/week): Athena.


Fortunately when a girl runs low on options and lives in Oakland, we can hop the bridge to San Francisco. Clary Sage Organics on Fillmore? That’s more like it. Here’s a top I like. Their togs are designed by owner Patti Cazzato and constructed in Richmond and SF. Even better, they are made from organic cotton here in California. And the design is so good: hip yet a little vintage. Stretch where you need it. Vintage Swim Girdle, anyone?

Swim Girdle

Covered up with a little Mist Henley organic magic? See you in class – I’m the one with the mis-matched organic socks that do not have “The Dailey Method” patterned along the bottom.