Plum Awesome: Clean Food in the Bay Area

Most of you know I’m in the midst of a cleanse with an online, webinar group. I believe we must change radically how we eat, and to dump the toxins that slow our metabolism, harm our bodies and hurt the planet. I’m always interested in where to dine that supports these tenets.

Who new that a swanky new restaurant recently opened near my integrative medicine office over at 22nd and Broadway in Oakland? Plum, it is. Opened last September by Daniel Patterson of the Coi fame.

Plum is vegan- and gluten-free-friendly. I love that in a restaurant. Menu sings with interesting vegetables in season. Bring it.

We arrived ravenous, my husband, a friend and I. Service was very attentive but painfully slow. A 3-hour dinner? Luxurious but put me past my bedtime.

While cleansing, I don’t drink alcohol. I often get a bit sad while dining out at places with exquisite wine lists. But I was in for a super great treat at Plum: they feature hydrosols in eclectic flavors. Their hydrosol is sparkling water with a homeopathic drop of vegetable oil. I got the ginger hydrosol. Made me happy all night to sip it, and I did not miss the wine.

Not surprisingly, Plum features organic, fresh, local. Killer combinations. Here’s their mushroom dashi with yuba and tofu.

I ate the broccoli, squid and a salad. Here’s the farm egg with farro, brussel sprouts and herbs, David’s main course.

We also had grilled broccoli and crazy fresh salad (even had a cute worm in it!). Portions were tiny. Our friend remarked after eating, “Where are we going for dinner? Razan’s?”

Here’s an older menu for you to look over. My shots of the menu last night didn’t turn out.

Sometimes small portions are a good idea. I love to leave a restaurant feeling comfortably sated, 75% full. You? Are there other Bay Area restaurants that you love while staying off gluten, sugar, dairy, caffeine and alcohol?