Prayer for Overwhelm


I want to shred the rad, but I’m a bit weary today. Need a little intervention, a dose of burn-out prevention. Not sure what flavor. Please renew my spirit and particularly my good humor. When I feel frustrated and like a victim/martyr: fill me with hope, the present moment and get me out of the blame game, the pain body. My mind goes there so easily, as Annie Lamont says – “My mind is a bad neighborhood I try not to go into alone.”

When I feel like I have no more juice to give, remind me that the juice flows from You.

When I get confused and feel my juiciness is finite, teach me that You provide an infinite well of inspiration.

When I feel lazy, teach me that there is much work to be done and many folks need my assistance.

When I lose faith or fall off the path, damn – again, remind me that I am filled with enormous talent and genius.

When I forget what I am doing and why, help me recover the pleasure, the discipline of pleasure, and the deep satisfaction of my path.

When I lose my faith, show me the way back home, back to You. With humor and pleasure, as that makes it all good.

Inspired and paraphrased from Naomi Levy, A Prayer for Overcoming Burnout. Share a prayer with me in the comment section!