Pure Genius: Danielle LaPorte's New Book Leaves Nothing to Be Desired

Didn’t think it was possible, but a new book just re-rocked my world. 

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Full disclosure: Danielle Laporte is my most compelling, vital, and climactic mentor to date. Now, I’m 45-years-young, and the list of mentors has been impressive. MIT Nobel Laureates. Superbrainy moms who are actually happy (huh?). New York Times bestsellers. UCSF thought leaders.

Yet, Danielle is the best. An inspirational speaker, former think tank exec and business strategist, Danielle is my aspirational mama warrior.

Why? Danielle is a yoga-powered champion of YOU-ness. That is… you, rocking your mission and brimming with desire. And her new book lays out the roadmap for how to rewire to desire, not stress.

Danielle talks about sacredness, entrepreneurship, and motherhood – in the same sentence – and with equal authority.

Danielle has accomplished something extraordinary.

Listen in, because this is most crucial part to learn today: Danielle has crafted a way to configure her life that keeps her

  • Adrenally supple (AKA, not burnt toast)
  • Dialed-in to desire
  • Taking her kid to school, and picking him up each day – and rocking her own mission between those lovely hours of 10 and 3pm.

That’s extraordinary, and she does it by using D-E-S-I-R-E as her daily touchstone.

As in: how do you want to feel? 3 words. Go.

Rather elegant, I must say. Simple. Yet a major game changer for Danielle, me and others.

Several months ago, I wrote Game Changers: 7 Women Who Rock My World (+ Connect Me to My Higher Purpose).  Danielle LaPorte topped my “genius bar” list as someone I go-to when I need inspiration, direction, a bit of the old attitude adjustment. 

Her new book is another testament to why she is my genius bar.

Turns Out that Desire is Deeper than Mood

Mood is the most superficial layer of your skin, and when it comes to beauty, I’m more interested in the neighborhood you create in your body with how you eat, move, think, feel, and supplement.

Desire is like that. I think it might just be the best epigenomic influence, up there and perhaps cousins with Inner Divinity.

If you’re moody girl, you need this book, because you’re chasing the wrong thang.

Goal-Setting: Turn It Upside Down and Inside Out 

I don’t want to give it all away, but after reading Danielle LaPorte’s book, The Desire Map, I am breathless. You know I’m a yoga teacher, so I don’t take breathlessness lightly.

Danielle got my thinking, then brainstorming, about how to get what I want a… kick in the butt.  I used to think I wanted a happy marriage, healthy kids, and enough money to send them to college without resorting to eating beans every night for dinner. But I learned over the years that what I want isn’t offered in my weekly psychotherapy sessions, any 12-step program, my current eating plan or even the latest “this-one-works” time-management system.

I realized that, like most women, I have been blocked by the small-mindedness and, as Carol Dweck might frame it, the fixed mindset of competitiveness, ambivalence, jealously, anger and worry.

Busted. Bingeing again on resentment and worry. It’s not a good thing when you’re 45.

Fortunately, Danielle doesn’t leave you there…forever stuck like a deer in headlights, overwhelmed, and perhaps hoping for a nice trip to a spa in order to cope with feeling like a train wreck more days than not.  In her inimitably quirky and fierce medicine woman ways, Danielle provides the map to a lifelong plan most anyone can follow, day-in and day-out, month after wonderful month, year after fulfilling year.

In Time for the New Year…the Life You Want

As soon as you read this book, you will never feel the same way again.

Danielle says of her map: This creation is near and dear to my heart. I started working on this over seven years ago and ‘desire mapping’ has been my personal process since then. If you’re the type of person who plans for the New Year, if you want to set goals—and even if you DON’T ever want to set goals—this will change the way you plan your life.

Sound Too Good to Be True? It’s NOT!

Danielle has perfected the formula to feel true joy… and she elevates it to an illuminating art that radiates from her soul.  Yes, when I was reading The Desire Map, I could feel the joy she radiates on every page. (You’re probably saying to yourself – that’s B.S. – but I swear it’s true.)

It’s within my power (and yours!) to choose that joy. It’s all about choices and how we want to feel. We all need more choices, not less. Especially choices of the poetic variety.

Money, weight loss, love, companionship, success, and the like are not the goals. Danielle says that how you want to feel when you achieve what you desire is the goal.

“Feeling good,” according this prophet, “increases your flexibility, resiliency, effectiveness and magnetism.”

Melodic language.


You too will realize that chasing goals will just exhaust you…that the feeling underneath is the goal.

All Juice…No Push

Danielle doesn’t just tell you how-to and why-to. She holds your hand and leads you down the path to getting what you want. She delivers concrete examples of people she knows who did (and didn’t) get what they wanted. (FYI, These weren’t just random people.  These are real, tangible examples…I’ve met so many just like them. OMG, some of them are even me.

How should we feel? What should we feel? Can’t find the words to express it?

Then explore pages 63-65 with over 150 friggin’ positive feelings. Danielle definitely knows how to get you to step into grace: “Be curious. Come to life.” 

Admit Limitations…Run Toward Pleasure 

Danielle totally gets it, and doesn’t make anyone feel guilty first. She delivers specific ways to know when to let go of goals that no longer serve you.

“When the pursuit of a goal becomes a total drag. When it was someone else’s dream in the first place. It’s taking way too long to get there and you’ve been ignoring the stop signs for a long time. You’re done fighting.” 

Danielle recommends that we all, “Choose inspiration over motivation.”

Get Focused…Stay Focused

How, you ask? Turns out Danielle reduces it down to 3 steps. But I don’t want to give away the punchline.

Don’t tell yourself all is well, when it’s not.  Throw out the affirmation cards. Admit to being scared, she says,  “Be scared and be brave.”

Lovies, let’s go full-on Danielle Laporte. We need it.

The Desire to Feel Good…Now within Reach 

The launch party for The Desire Map (a 3-day event) starts today…at 7:45 p.m. Danielle LaPorte will take you to the place where desire meets action. I hope you don’t miss out on this opportunity to become part of Danielle’s Team Desire.  I’ll be there with you.

In the LaPorte one-of-a-kind style, this is sure to be a kick-ass event for a kick-ass book.

Knowledge is power. Action is sexy.
Empowerment is the ultimate prescription.

Dr. Sara