ReCAP of 2010: Dr. Sara Puts It Out There

Ok, friends: It’s D-2 for the start of my organic experiment. As I look back on the crazy-assed testing I’ve done to measure my toxic load this month, and look to Saturday 1.1.11 as the start of my experiment, I’m systematizing some of the delicious gems I’ve uncovered in the past year of prep. Here it is for your viewing pleasure and let me know what I’ve forgotten!

Best Designer I Recently Learned About: Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin. Watch her cool 3-min video right here.

Best Slang: “chillaxin‘” (Learned from my 11-year-old; I’m doing that right now, my friends).


Best Organic Wear: Stewart and Brown. OMG, thank you SR for the introduction. I’m ready to move into the studio in Ventura and become the team doctor.

Best New Botanical (new to my obsessive self-experimentation): Kanchanar Guggulu, an Ayurvedic herb for the thyroid and metabolism.

Best Organic Skin Care Line: Two-way tie between organic, sometimes biodynamic Eminence and Tarte.


Best Concept: CSK (Community Sponsored Knitting) vs. Urban Homesteading vs. ONE YEAR :: ALL ORGANIC (a little shameless self-promotion and a three-way tie)

Best Skiing with the Kids: NorthStar. BTW, how the hell am I going to snowboard organically? I will freeze without technical gear. Wool? Comment me through this, please.

Best Rejuvenation Station: West Marin. Greetings from Pt Reyes Mesa, sun at my back, kale at my side.

Best Burger: Wood Tavern.

Best Book: Oh, Dear. Read so many good ones. Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin? Actually increased my happiness quotient, I’m delighted to say. Email her for her Resolutions Chart. Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss? More on that in my next eblast. This one is a game-changer.