The First Step to Your Cortisol Reset: Get Tested

Here is one of the top questions I receive: “Dr. Sara, how should I test my cortisol? I think I may have adrenal fatigue (or adrenal burnout, or more accurately, adrenal dysregulation). There’s so many options. What’s the best?” The short answer is: it depends. For years, I’ve been ordering a combination of different tests…

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Dr. Sara’s Book Club: Adrenal Reset Diet

It isn’t every day that a doctor says your inability to lose weight isn’t about willpower. The real culprit behind stubborn pounds is your hormones and they often get ignored altogether. Carb cycling, stress busters, and sleep hacks can lead to long-term weight loss and happy hormones. Your weight isn’t about willpower. Tweet This is…

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The Earth Beneath Your Feet (Part 1): Why Going Barefoot May Boost Your Health and Beauty (and Dirt Just Might Act as a Giant Antioxidant)

The Earth Below Your Feet_Part 1

Are you ready to get healthier and love up those ever-challenged adrenal glands by trying something new, old, and easy called earthing? I’m all about easy.  And free? Who isn’t totally into that? Kick off your shoes. It’s that simple. This health and beauty treatment is as old as dirt.  In fact, it is dirt.…

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