Take On Your Weight Issues with Mystic Marianne Williamson



When cleansing, I love to dive deep into mystical teachings along with the physical improvements in what I eat. Usually it’s Ayurveda or Geneen Roth. This Cleanse, it’s Marianne Williamson’s A Course in Weight Loss.

Marianne, my soul sister, has taken the Course in Miracles and translated them into 21 spiritual lessons for surrendering your struggle with weight.

Imagine: a life where “lose weight” is not on your to-do list. You feel peace and serenity around your every food choice. You slip on your skinny jeans and they feel just right. Your weight stays within 2-3 pounds, for years and years. How good does that feel? Want some of that?!

Her intro is fab. As is Chapter 2: Thin You, Meet Not-Thin You. I particularly liked this wisdom. You’re you, whether you’re eating wisely or eating excessively. But when you’re eating wisely, you’re expressing love for yourself. When you’re eating excessively, you’re expressing fear. 

And this.
The purpose of this lesson is to support you in reconciling your relationship with Not-Thin You. She is not your enemy; she is an unintegrated part of yourself. She is an aspect of you that is demanding to be seen and heard. It is only in learning to love her that you'll gain the power to calm her down. And you have to admit, she has gotten your attention.

Um, that sounds like perimenopause – when all the disowned selves come home to roost, to be integrated or else!

Here’s a clip.

Didn’t get much out of Chapter 1. The brick wall didn’t speak to me, but I could be missing something.

Tell me what you think in the Comments section. And put “lose weight” on your stop-doing list. xoxox