Weight, weight – don’t tell me.

When I asked what you wanted to hear about last week, guess which topic got more votes than anything?

“My husband would say more on sex drive,” one lovely woman wrote. “But I say help me lose 10 pounds.”

I asked permission to use her comment, and she asked, “If I lose 10 pounds, will the sex follow?”

At 40-years-old, she’s not alone. I could have said the same thing myself at 35.

There’s a point many of us can identify when our nice metabolism takes a turn into a sketchy neighborhood. Our hormones start to work against us. Low sex drive becomes less urgent to us than to our higher-drive partners. High-libido partners are actually attracted to low-libido partners–creating disconnect, frustration, and yes, sugar cravings.

Weight. Hormones. Emotions. SUGAR. Where does one even begin to unpack this?

Food is 70% of the story. Are you a sugar addict? Drink too much? Not only do those empty calories add weight, but they disrupt hormone levels, too–which adds yet more weight. Once I realized that Jenny Craig & Weight Watchers weren’t addressing my core issues, things began to shift. I had to get honest with myself.

Exercise can be targeted and not obsessive. 4 days a week. 30 min. Be consistent. When your hormones are in balance, you don’t need to live at the gym.

Consider testing your hormones. If you’re sensitive to carbs, I suggest testing fasting glucose, insulin, leptin, thyroid, day 21 progesterone, DHEAS and testosterone. Call me and I’ll coach you through the results. (I was shocked when I discovered the results of my own hormone levels a few years ago–a Harvard Medical School degree couldn’t protect me from low thyroid, high cortisol, & high leptin.)

Advanced version. Try our new genetic test. It tells you how your body interacts with your nutrition and exercise. Highly recommended. https://www.pathway.com/dna-reports/pathway-fit

It wasn’t overnight, but eventually I learned how to get my hormones to support me rather than to screw me (and my weight). I believe every woman who wants to can do the same thing, becoming her own hormone superhero. Weight loss is just one of the beautiful things that happen when our hormones are in balance.