5 Burning Questions: Get Your Deep Cleanse On



Part of cleansing is letting go of mental structures that no longer serve, along with choosing more fitting structures that would serve you more optimally. My best mentor?  Danielle Laporte. Check out the 5 burning questions (below) Danielle created along with Rich, Happy and Hot Marie Forleo and let them cleanse your mind.


1. Say your “official” job title out loud. Three times. Deep breath. How does it make you feel?

2. How much money would you like to make, annually? Visualize that number. Feel its energetic value. What’s happening in body, as you hold that number in your heart?

3. What’s on your “stop-doing” list? What do you need to delegate (or eliminate), to make space for magic?

4. What do people thank you for, consistently? What’s the common thread of golden praise?

5. So…for real, now. What would you like to do with your life and career? {Money is no object. Dream.}

Hope these questions provoke and carry you to new insights. I’ll show you my answers if you show me yours!

BTW, join me in New York May 12 for deep cleansing with Danielle and Marie in a program they call Selling Your Soul. Be sure to check out their bad-ass video on their page. Makes my heart go pitter patter.

Ancient traditions such as Yoga and Ayurveda view our lives as a perpetual search for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual food. Our optimal health is based both on successfully digesting the nutrients of our lives as well as on regular removal of the metabolic, energetic, and psychological waste/toxins. Old metrics that make you feel bad or less than are toxic and need to be removed and replaced with the jewels of greater authenticity.