Hormone Reset Diet |Calcium| Sara Gottfried, M.D.

Creamy Greens Soup: A Great Source of Calcium

By Sara Gottfried MD | September 8, 2020

The dairy industry would have us believe that milk is an indispensable source of calcium in our diet as calcium is necessary for healthy bones. What the milk advertisements don’t tell us is that there are many other sources of calcium besides dairy products, and that the mineral is only one of the building blocks…

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Part 1: What’s Safe? What’s Smart? |Hormone Balance|Sara Gottfried MD

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Part 1: What’s Safe? What’s Smart?

By Sara Gottfried MD | August 26, 2020

I’ve been prescribing bioidentical hormone therapy since 1994. In the 25+ years since that first prescription for bioidentical hormones, we have evidence for and against their use. This has led to confusion, misinformation, and even guidelines from mainstream medical societies that are not consistently evidence-based.1 Fortunately, a masterful new book sets the record straight: Tapestry…

Hormone Therapy for Women: What Are the Known Risks? |Hormone Therapy| Sara Gottfried, M.D.

Hormone Therapy for Women: What Are the Known Risks?

By Sara Gottfried MD | August 2, 2020

Discussion about hormone therapy for perimenopause and menopause is complex. Questions about safety, timing, and duration typically require a nuanced conversation about a person’s history, diet, lifestyle, risk factors, genetics, blood tests, and cognitive function. This article illustrates why the discussions are complicated and how I approach them. I practice Precision Medicine, which means that…

How Do We Create Antiracist Healthcare?| Racism in Medicine |Sara Gottfried MD

Health Disparity, Racial Weathering, and Social Determinants: How Do We Create Antiracist Healthcare?

By Sara Gottfried MD | July 13, 2020

I take respectful care of my patients regardless of skin color, but in the past few years, I’ve realized that is not enough. There are many sources of information that have influenced me. Conversations, particularly a recent interview with integrative physician Andrea Pennington MD. Books, mentioned in this article, including How to Be an Antiracist by…

Racism in Medicine |Women's Health|Sara Gottfried MD

Racism in Medicine: 5 Disparities That Point to Health Inequality

By Sara Gottfried MD | June 10, 2020

It’s time to acknowledge the role of racism in medicine in the United States. It’s not just the racism of George Floyd that we witnessed on video at the hands of police, it’s the daily traumatizing experiences of Black Americans at our hands as well in the US healthcare system. While most physicians and other…

Why Cardiovascular Disease Kills More Women Than Breast Cancer|Women's Health|Sara Gottfried MD

Why Cardiovascular Disease Kills More Women Than Breast Cancer

By Sara Gottfried MD | May 25, 2020

Most women I know, friends and patients, fear breast cancer. It makes sense because one in eight of us will develop breast cancer over our lifetime, which translates to a lifetime risk of 12.5 percent, and higher for those of us with a high-risk gene mutation. However, our fear of breast cancer may come at…

Hormone Testing: What to Check and Why|Hormone Balance|Sara Gottfried MD

Hormone Testing: What to Check and Why

By Sara Gottfried MD | May 17, 2020

Questions about hormone testing are common among my patients and on social media. Women want to know which hormones they need to check and why. They also want to know what hormones and other biomarkers can be tested at home. In this video and accompanying article, I cover the biomarkers that I check for myself…

Sara Gottfried Women's Health Article |Hormone Balance

Perimenopause, Menopause & Hormone Balance: Office Hours at goop

By Sara Gottfried MD | April 21, 2020

Over recent years, I have been interviewed by Gwyneth Paltrow and her goop lifestyle brand about perimenopause and hormones as well as other popular topics such as the ketogenic diet, stubborn weight loss and the secrets to staying younger. Perimenopause & Menopause Women in their 40s and 50s are hungry for information on another way…

How To Strengthen Your Immune System Against Covid-19 |Women's Health|Sara Gottfried MD

How to Strengthen Your Immune System Against Covid-19

By Sara Gottfried MD | April 3, 2020

While rapid and important work is being done to develop immunotherapy and a Covid-19 vaccine, we don’t have them yet. Meanwhile, we are getting somber reports daily on the number of cases and deaths. While we wait for proven treatments, I recommend that we focus on how to strengthen immunity as the best way to…

Brain Body Diet |Hummus| Sara Gottfried MD

Home-Style Middle Eastern Hummus

By Sara Gottfried MD | January 16, 2020

Traditional hummus has only 5 ingredients, and each of those ingredients is powerful for brain-body balance, which is why I had to include this recipe in my book, Brain Body Diet. Let’s jump into this incredible dish that is oh so creamy, simple to make and nutritious! Chickpeas are the star in hummus. Like most…