Natural Health Magazine: Interview on Low Libido

Thrilled to be interviewed in Natural Health, published in the April/May 2011 issue. Most of what I said about hormones and how they modulate libido got cut. My main point that libido is extremely complex (and that 70% of the time there’s a hormonal component) but that there are many other factors including relationship connectivity – at least that made it in. Click here to read the article.

My long answer on how to manage adrenal dysregulation got distilled into a cliched soundbite: meditate and exercise. Excuse me? That is so not helpful. There’s a much bigger story here, but still, it’s a start. We gotta start somewhere.


  1. Nancy Herrick PA, DH (hon) on May 22, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    Hi Sara,
    So nice to have found you via Mary Shomon whom I also admire. I am a alternative health care practitioner (PA) in the bay area and am also an advocate of Gary Taubes, Mercola and Sprint system. I also work a lot with the Weston Price system of nutrition and do classical homeopathy.
    Thank you for your information on IGF-1 testing. I look forward to reading more especially about weight management which is to me the core issue underlying most of our health problems these days.
    Keep up your good work and I hope to meet you some day,
    Nancy Herrick