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5 Natural Tips for Feeling More Frisky

Spring is just around the corner. Trees are budding, bird are nesting, and the days are getting longer. Sounds like a good time for romance and love, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, many women suffer with low sex drive, so Dr. Sara asked me to write about natural ways you can boost your libido and feel more…

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Why Mood-Boosting Maca is a Girl’s Best Friend

Why Mood-Boosting Maca is a Girl’s Best Companion

Nodding off at your desk every day? In need of a serious mood makeover? Lagging (or completely lacking) sex drive? Because I hear these things almost daily in my integrative medical practice and from women in my online programs, I can tell you for sure that you’re not alone. When it comes right down to…

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How to Boost Your Fountain of Youth Hormone in 5 Simple Steps

Natural Strategies to Deep-Dive into Your Fountain-of-Youth Hormone

“It’s like someone stole my joie de vivre,” she began, releasing a sigh of frustration. “I feel like Sisyphus, constantly pushing that damn rock up the hill. I often find myself either anxiety-ridden or sobbing.” I understand why my husband doesn’t want to have sex with me anymore: look at my sagging body! What happened…

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3 Ways to Live Longer, Love Better and Laugh Louder

3 Steps to Live Longer, Love Better and Laugh Louder

We all want to live longer, love better, and laugh louder. This may seem easier said than done, but there are each of those goals without injecting more stress into your life. The 3 simple practices I’ve outlined below only take 30 minutes to an hour in total, but their impact on your health and…

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Natural Health Magazine: Interview on Low Libido

Thrilled to be interviewed in Natural Health, published in the April/May 2011 issue. Most of what I said about hormones and how they modulate libido got cut. My main point that libido is extremely complex (and that 70% of the time there’s a hormonal component) but that there are many other factors including relationship connectivity…

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Meet Your Hormones

  Today Imma be yackin‘ online about hormones and how they shift when cleansing, and why.  Was thinking I need a li’l reference guide to each hormone: who they be and what they do. So…I’m a scholar, seeker, yoga teacher and a doctor. It’s serious, sacred stuff. But. Imma be honest. I frequently quote The Blackeyed Peas. Want me to Quote…

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Have You Seen My Sex Drive?

10,000 women in my private practice so far. Guess what every one of them wants to know? Single, divorced, pregnant, married, retired, gay – seriously, everyone. They can hardly wait for the door to close. “My sex drive! Where did it go? I want it back.” Inside my office, this question feels safe. Outside my…

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