Not Your Mother's Thyroid Talk: Think Different About Your Thyroid Health

Slow food? Love it.

Slow sex? You know it.

Slow thyroid? A show stopper.

You cannot realize your full potential in the world if your thyroid is working against you.

Is this you?

You’ve packed on a few pounds and can’t seem to get them off.

You look at a piece of cake and it ends up on your hips.

Your body feels a bit slow, maybe tired, more than you’d expect for your age. You’ve lost some spring in your step. In fact, the world is not quite as rosy a it used to be…

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This course is for women who feel their metabolism is slower than they hope. It’s for women who need to reboot their aging process. It’s for women who want an evidence-based and fun hormone tune-up. It’s for women who’ve been on thyroid treatment but symptoms linger. It’s for younger women who want to prevent middle-age spread and dread. Register now because we’re closing Mission Ignition in 3 days. Prepare to ignite.