Q & A with Chris Kresser

Chris Kresser is a neighbor and my favorite savant when it comes to ancestral health and how it informs functional medicine. He generously answered my burning questions about how he got into functional medicine and Paleo, gut health, and his latest interests…. Q: Chris, you’re trained as an acupuncturist but you’re also one of the…

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Does Meat Cause Cancer? Revisiting the Meat, IGF-1, and Cancer Connection

Does Meat Cause Cancer_ Revisiting the Meat, IGF-1, and Cancer Connection

“A note from Dr. Sara: When you read Personal Paleo Code by Chris Kresser, and try to reconcile the Paleo Diet with T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study and/or Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live, you’re likely to get increasingly confused by the conflicting opinions. I’m delighted to present Brian Rigby’s rigorous synthesis of where we stand on the meat/cancer…

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My Paleolista Soul Sister: Julia Ross and The Diet Cure

Most Americans are now unable to stop eating refined sweets and starches. Why? Because these foods are actually more addictive than alcohol or drugs! No joke. Sugar ages you prematurely and feeds the wrong message to your genetic code. Stop the sugar train. As NIDA chief Nora Volkow explained in her April 30, 2012, 60…

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