The Health Lies that Keep You Tired, Fat and Grumpy


If you’ve turned on the TV lately, you’ve probably seen commercials for them. They’re touted as the answer to all of your problems: They can banish your fatigue, fix your cranky moods, help you sleep at night and quell your anxiety. I’m talking about pills, of course. Prescription drugs are doled out like candy these…

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US Aircraft Carrier Detects Radiation Offshore Japan

Japanese officials insist there is no public health risk from the failing nuclear reactors in Fukushima. My read of the news: I have no idea if that is true, and suspect the opposite. The BBC is reporting this morning that one of the US aircraft carriers detected radioactive fallout 100 miles offshore from the reactors.…

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Meet Your Hormones

  Today Imma be yackin‘ online about hormones and how they shift when cleansing, and why.  Was thinking I need a li’l reference guide to each hormone: who they be and what they do. So…I’m a scholar, seeker, yoga teacher and a doctor. It’s serious, sacred stuff. But. Imma be honest. I frequently quote The Blackeyed Peas. Want me to Quote…

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