Take Charge of Your Metabolic Health (And Stop Outsourcing to Your Doctor)

There are many reasons why you should care about your metabolic health. This applies to both men and women, however women are more vulnerable than men with regard to metabolic health. There is a misconception that men are more at risk from cardio-metabolic related diseases such as heart disease and stroke, and it’s just not true.

I sat down with Casey Means, MD, Levels Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, to discuss why caring about your metabolic health, particularly as you get older, should be a top priority for women as they have a higher risk of metabolic dysfunction and cardiovascular disease than men. We discuss how men and women can measure and improve their metabolic health and move forward as empowered patients with their clinicians. 

Key points discussed in the podcast: 

  • Why women should care about metabolic health?
  • How you feel when your metabolism is working well and when it’s not
  • Social genomics and the effect of trauma on metabolic health 
  • Heart disease risk factors in women
  • Which basic biomarkers to measure and monitor to help create foundational health in the body
  • Food as the most important lever when it comes to metabolic health

If you are ready to learn more about metabolic health, read Metabolic Health: Why You Must Care and How to Measure It and watch Understanding Predictive Markers of Metabolic Dysfunction