The Disease Delusion – Dr. Sara’s Book Club #12

Dr. Jeffrey Bland is “the father of functional medicine” – from medicine by symptom to medicine by cause. In his book, “The Disease Delusion,” he explains about how to cure chronic illness such as heart disease, neurological disorders, kidney and liver problems.

Modern medicine has turned the tables on acute illness – now it’s possible to treat many such illnesses with simple, reliable solutions.

However, a new issue has arisen:

In developed nations, while the danger of dying from an infectious disease has been greatly reduced, chronic illness during old age is on the rise. Worse, conditions like heart disease, neurological disorders and kidney and liver problems don’t come and go like the common cold.

Once they appear, they typically persist or recur and grow progressively worse. Though people are living longer, it seems like a double-edged sword when disease makes it difficult to enjoy your extended longevity to the fullest.

Fortunately, Dr. Jeffrey Bland has a solution.

The Disease Delusion by Jeffrey BlandHis new book, ”The Disease Delusion: Conquering the Causes of Chronic Illness for a Healthier, Longer, and Happier Life,” shows readers that you don’t have to spend your golden years suffering. Chronic disease is treatable, even preventable, he believes.

Here’s the problem:

The current medical model is well equipped to treat acute and infectious disease, but drug-for-symptom problem solving is not effective against chronic illness.

Dr. Bland explains that dealing with chronic illness requires discovering and understanding the root cause of the disease and removing it. Unfortunately, well-intentioned physicians usually just prescribe drugs in an attempt to alleviate symptoms. But this doesn’t address the reason for the illness in the first place. While medications may help with some temporary relief, they ultimately do nothing to reverse the condition, which continues to progress.

So what can be done?

It’s all about functional medicine – also known as the science of creating health.

Dr. Bland is “the father of functional medicine” – a fundamental paradigm shift, from medicine by symptom to medicine by cause. Explained in detail in “The Disease Delusion,” functional medicine focuses on the discovery and treatment of the root causes of health problems and on developing individualized models of care that can reverse them. This method engages the patients as active participants in their health, calling for shifts in diet, lifestyle and environment to create a strong foundation for whole health.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Rather than asking what drug to use to treat the symptoms, ask what caused the problem in the first place. By altering core patterns of dysfunction, we may be able to reduce or eliminate troublesome symptoms. Together, patients and physicians need to shift gears to this mode of thinking in order to address the growing issue of chronic illness.

Good news:

Chronic disease is not genetic destiny!

You might be wondering, “But what about my DNA? If I’ve inherited genes for a chronic condition, isn’t the outcome beyond my control?”

“The Disease Delusion” debunks this myth. Just because you might be predisposed to a condition such as diabetes, heart disease or osteoporosis doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily develop it. The reality is this: Your genes get messages from your environment and lifestyle choices, which translate to cellular instructions that shape your health and disease patterns. Genetic inheritance is not your fate. You always have the ability to design your quality of life through your choices.

This is what personalized health management is all about!

Getting to the root cause first means understanding that illness = imbalance.

Dr. Bland explains that what we call a “disease” is actually an imbalance in one or more of the seven core processes that define how the body functions: Assimilation and Elimination, Detoxification, Defense, Cellular Communications, Cellular Transport, Energy and Structure. All are interconnected, together creating each person’s unique health pattern. Understanding how they work for you will help you discover and address any imbalances, enabling you to establish and maintain a path of long-term health.

Get going with your personalized health-management plan!

The idea is simple, writes Dr. Bland. “By creating a personalized health-management program that sets out changes in diet, lifestyle, and environment, we can directly affect how our genes are expressed and thus the patterns of our health.”

“The Disease Delusion” prompts you to look closely at your health and start gathering the tools to manage it in a whole new way. Through a series of eight self-assessments, you evaluate the functioning of your core processes and determine where you may have an imbalance. Then, using this new knowledge about yourself together with the functional medicine approach, Dr. Bland empowers you to create your own unique strategy for maximizing health, longevity and quality of life. “The Disease Delusion” shows you how to step into the driver’s seat and take matters into your own hands, whether or not you are already experiencing a chronic condition.

In a nutshell…

When you are ill: Find and address the physiological process that is out of balance, and you will finally deal with chronic ill health. That’s the real way to make your symptoms go away.

When you are well: Find the proper match between your unique genes and your environment, lifestyle and behavior so you can maximize both the length and quality of your life.

Ready to begin your journey to a bright, vital long life?

From head to heart, from gut to toe, from cognitive impairment to stress to that spare tire around the middle, scientists are showing how individuals can change the course of events that lead to chronic disease.

It’s time to say goodbye to living in the shadow of chronic disease. Get started on your path to personalized medicine today by taking a health assessment questionnaire on Dr. Bland’s website. And to dive into functional medicine and your road to wellness, order your copy of “The Disease Delusion” HERE!

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