Finger-Licking Good Braised Turmeric Cinnamon Chicken

Younger Recipe | Braised Turmeric Cinnamon Chicken | Sara Gottfried MD

Slow your roll with this incredible chicken recipe from Younger. Simmering this chicken slowly better breaks down all the nutrients so they are more easily digestible. 

If we’re talking about nutrients, pepper, cinnamon, and turmeric are known in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance digestion, improve metabolism and serve as anti-inflammatories. I recommend cinnamon in my anti-aging protocols because it can boost collagen, regulate blood sugar, and cool down inflammation. Together the combination tastes great on just about anything! 

I get liberal with my use of onions and garlic, from the alliums family, in this recipe because they improve glutathione – the body’s chief detoxer, while also carrying fiber and sulfur, which optimize gut health and digestion.

Cook this one up and reap so many tasty benefits!

Serves 4 to 6

1 whole chicken, chopped into 8 pieces 
Freshly ground pepper
Ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon turmeric
Olive oil
1 medium to large yellow onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, chopped
2 cinnamon sticks
2 14-ounce cans whole peeled Italian tomatoes
1/2 cup chicken broth (or bone broth if you have it!)
Fresh mint and parsley to garnish

Wash and dry chicken. Season with salt, pepper, and a light sprinkling of ground cinnamon and turmeric on each side.

Coat large pot with olive oil and place over high heat. When the oil is hot, sear chicken pieces for 1 minute on each side, until the skins are browned. Remove chicken pieces from the pan and set aside.

Lower heat to medium-high and add onions. Stir for a minute until soft, then add garlic. Let cook for another minute until translucent. Add cinnamon sticks, tomatoes, and broth and season with salt and pepper. Stir and bring to simmer. Add chicken pieces back into the pot, submerging in the liquid. Simmer for about 2 hours uncovered, shaking the pan from time to time to move the chicken around, until meat is falling off the bone.

Garnish with mint and/or parsley and serve over riced cauliflower and steamed spinach.