My Top 5 Apps for Working Moms

A working mom is expected to be kind of a superhero. She has to be an expert juggler of all things social, Sara Working Momdomestic, work related. Everyone seems to be depending on you. It’s a daunting task, but you already know that. Here are a few handy apps that can keep you from feeling like a burnt out star, and more like the supermom you are. You’ll never love your phone as much as when it has these cool little apps.

OurGroceries – Don’t you just hate it when you get to the store and you forgot the list? Then you try to do it by memory and forget something, or you try to call someone at home but no cigar? Does your daughter need more toothpaste? Does your son need another school notebook? Do you have enough milk to last the week? Perhaps you’ve heard me dish about how perimenopause is when women experience more ADD, as a confluence of factors (temperature dysregulation at night, wildly fluctuating estrogen, wonky thyroid, brain fog, lighter sleep) conspire against your executive functioning AND grocery shopping. Fortunately, this app keeps the grocery list right on your phone, but it does so much more. OurGroceries is connected to family members as well, which means they can see and add changes that appear on your list instantaneously, but that’s just the beginning. You can keep in a central location the ingredient lists of your favorite recipes (much easier than memorizing of carrying around a cookbook). {You can get creative and makes lists of things to do, questions to ask your doctor, movies you want to see, reports that must be completed, whatever you like–but honestly, I just keep my groceries on this app.} This app is all about helping you go through your day feeling more organized. Another beloved part of the app is that you can easily remove food items as you stroll calmly through your favorite store – no digging through your monster purse for a pen or crayon, no frantic search for the list written on last night’s restaurant menu.

FitBit – Now that you’ve got all your groceries in your hand, how about considering your health in there too? FitBit includes a whole host of apps that can help you feel like the goddess you are. They have lots of apps that act more like personal trainers than gizmos. One of the biggest challenges everyone will face will be the regaining of everything you’ve worked hard to lose. FitBit can help you stay on top of it, and offers apps that monitor what calories you’re taking in, and when and how to fit in exercises, even at your desk. Of particular interest is Sleep Debt. A mom on the go often is lacking sleep. You deserve to get your beauty rest, and Sleep Debt can keep track of what you need. It can even give you a friendly reminder of when to rest. You’ll be amazed at how much more awesome you are when you feel well rested!

Evernote Evernote is very much like OurGroceries, but not limited to list form. How do you like to learn? How about singing yourself a song, or drawing something to help you remember? Evernote allows you to use graphics and audio to make your own notes, which you can then share to colleagues and family. It’s a perfect research tool that can keep all that important info in one place, or the perfect virtual bookmark for your favorite websites. This is for anyone who’s ever felt stressed and disorganized. How about the last time you took a flight? The holidays are a rushed, trying time that leaves you harried and exhausted before your vacation ever begins. But Evernote ensures that you never forget anything, and can keep all of your itineraries, travel documents, confirmations, maps, and whatever else you need all scanned and ready to go. You can’t make flying much neater than that!

Dropbox – You know those times when you leave the office knowing you’ve still got a lot more to do? Working from home is never fun, but sometimes it has to be done. One of the worst parts is actually bringing the work home though – making sure you have all the files and notes that you usually leave at your desk. This app makes that a lot simpler, by allowing you to upload files in one device that will sync to all of your other devices. Forgot some meeting notes? Don’t worry, they’re on your phone too. But this doesn’t all have to be work and no play. You can use this to have all of your favorite tunes with you wherever you are, or to listen in on meditation seminars and never feel like you’re missing a beat. You can share your work with others, and feel safe knowing that if your computer ever has a meltdown, your most important files are safe and sound. And it’s free, what a deal!

PubMed This pocket doctor takes the well loved PubMed website and adapts it for your smartphone. You can do searches about any medical literature, and even limit the searches to free articles in case you aren’t logged into your academic account. You have a lot of people who look up to you, and should be able to stay connected with the latest health information to keep you in your prime. Health care professionals know that you deserve this, which is why they made this app for you to use. It works on any device, not only iphones, and if you ever find yourself stuck on a bus or waiting to pick up the kids, it is possible to find a quick article to occupy yourself and keep you fighting fit for your busy life.

As Bruno Mars famously said, You’re amazing, just the way you are! I know–trite!–but I’m the mom of tweens and this is the music I listen to now in the morning and afternoon as I ferry my kids back and forth to camp or school. So, Superwoman, think of these as trusty sidekicks to help you maneuver the trials of a working mom. Try out one or two, or combine all five in fun new ways.  Women’s health is important to us because you are important, so feel free to use these to keep yourself on track for a fit and healthy lifestyle.


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