My Quick Green Tonic: The Perfect Morning Shake

The Hormone Reset Diet Recipe |Green Tonic|Sara Gottfried MD

A green tonic for breakfast. I tell my patients that when you start your day with a green shake, you end up making great, “green” food decisions all day long, which is just the motivation you need when following my HORMONE RESET DIET. This deliciously healthy green tonic contains radish sprouts that are a natural…

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3 Ways to Live Longer, Love Better and Laugh Louder

3 Steps to Live Longer, Love Better and Laugh Louder

We all want to live longer, love better, and laugh louder. This may seem easier said than done, but there are each of those goals without injecting more stress into your life. The 3 simple practices I’ve outlined below only take 30 minutes to an hour in total, but their impact on your health and…

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Meet Your Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Nothing makes me happier than an anti-inflammatory smoothie with greens, berries, pea and rice protein (very hypoallergenic) and flax. Well, maybe containment of nuclear reactors in Japan, but that’s a topic for another day. There’s a concept I have found to be particularly true that goes like this: We need to reduce our antigenic load.…

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