Why Treating Your Body Like a Cell Phone Will Get Your Hormones in Balance

What’s the difference between a woman who’s frumpy and frazzled and one who’s healthy and energized?

The second one clearly has Charlie’s Angels on her side.

No, I’m not talking about Sabrina, Jill and Kelly – those butt-kicking babes with the great body suits. I’m talking about the Charlie’s Angels of hormones: Cortisol, Thyroid and Estrogen.

You may have heard me mention them before, but here’s a quick recap:

Just like Sabrina always rescues the “angel in danger,” cortisol red-flags your nervous system in stressful situations, whether it’s the jitters you feel before a big presentation or the rush you get when you’ve nearly been sideswiped by a semi on the freeway.

Jill is thyroid – lithe, athletic, and adventurous. Thyroid keeps you energetic, slender, and happy. Without balanced thyroid, you tend to feel fatigued, gain weight, and go through life with a glum face on. And your libido? Forget it.

Kelly can be powerful and in control one minute, but then a sexy seductress the next. This is like estrogen, which keeps you flush with serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter. Estrogen keeps the other angels, cortisol and thyroid, in balance.

To bust the bad guys—depression, slow metabolism, lack of energy—you need your hormonal angels working in sync.

Now back to that part about your body being a smart phone…


Plug, Respond, Recharge

Why Treating Your Body Like a Cell Phone Will Get Your Hormones in BalanceThinking of your body in the same way you relate to your beloved iPhone or Android can help you make some easy analogies about tweaking your daily habits to get your angels back in balance:


Step 1: Plug In

A cell phone can’t function unless it’s been plugged in and powered up. So here I’m referring to the fact that you need to make an initial connection to what’s going on in your body. Connect to the problems – take a hormonal profile assessment to see which angels may be out of whack, see your doctor for some blood work, or simply make a commitment to start somewhere on your health journey. Just the act of making that first connection will then help you take the right action.


Step 2: Respond

You wouldn’t ignore an urgent text from your sister or an important phone call from a colleague, would you? So the next step is to not ignore the messages you’re getting from your body. And this doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by paying attention to how you feel.

Trouble sleeping every time you drink coffee past 3 p.m.? Nix the habit. Feel lethargic and achy when you eat too much gluten? Stop torturing yourself! Use your innate wisdom and some good old common sense. Just like your phone is crystal clear when it delivers a text message (unless that darn autocorrect strikes again), so is your body. If you tune in long enough to listen, you’ll start hearing the messages.


Step 3: Recharge Your Battery

Just like a phone, you need to recharge, refresh, and rejuvenate yourself each night. Getting a full night of quality sleep is the human equivalent to a 100-percent battery charge. For best results, hit the hay before 10 p.m. and make your bedroom a dark, peaceful, quiet place. Speaking of your phone, keep it on silent so it doesn’t interrupt those precious Z’s.

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