The All-Day Energy Diet: Dr. Sara’s Book Club #17

If there’s one thing that’s indicative of good health, it’s how energized you feel on a day-to-day basis.

Yuri Elkaim’s Book The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days  to Increase EnergyThat’s the premise of Yuri Elkaim’s book “The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days,” and it’s this month’s read for my book club.

Your energy level is a clear indication that your body is either working efficiently and harmoniously or that it’s experiencing hiccups that slow everything down, compromising your hormonal health, your digestive functions and your ability to handle stress.


What it’s About

Yuri, a former soccer player turned fitness trainer and holistic nutrition expert, outlines seven areas that must be addressed in order to reach an energy “breakthrough” – that place where you wake up feeling rested, can manage your life with ease and have the kind of stamina you probably enjoyed when you were younger.

In short, these areas are:

1. The pH of your blood

2. Your digestive system

3. Your adrenals

4. The foods you eat

5. The supplements you take

6. How you manage stress

7. How you exercise

I’m already on board with Yuri’s emphasis on hormonal health, so I wanted to share a few of my other key takeaways from the book:


What I Loved

• Exercise should leave you energized, not depleted.

So many people get the exercise thing wrong, Yuri says, and I couldn’t agree more. We strive so hard, wrongly thinking that feeling exhausted after a hard workout is a good sign.

And while he’s not saying you shouldn’t be tired after a bootcamp class, in general, exercise should give you more energy – not zap you of it.

Since so many of us are walking around with adrenal fatigue (which is why we’re tired in the first place), Yuri recommends we lay off the heavy cardio, step up the strength training and cap off exercise sessions at around 30 minutes.

Overdoing it simply leaves us exhausted and unable to stay consistent with an exercise routine. Scale back, Yuri says, and give your adrenals the chance to rest and recover.  Small tweaks in your routine should start showing big energy results.


• Eat less to have more energy.

Food = energy, right?

Well, sort of, Yuri says.

The problem, however, is that people combat fatigue by eating more. We reach for snacks when we’re lagging, sugar when we’re sleepy or energy drinks to keep us revved up when we’re on the go.

When your body is constantly digesting, however, it’s using energy. That’s why a large meal puts you in a food coma. Yuri suggests something simple but completely logical: Eat less to have more energy.

Put another way? When you’re eating the right foods in the appropriate quantities, you won’t feel the need to overeat and munch your way into a nap or a bad case of brain fog. Put your fork down when you’re 80 percent full, Yuri says, and make an effort to eat just a little less at every meal.


• Quality of your blood = quality of your health.

You’ve heard me talk about the acid-alkaline relationship, or how the pH of your body affects health.

Your blood, Yuri says, is the river of life, which transports oxygen to the cells that need it. But when your diet is highly acidic (from eating processed foods, meat, dairy and sugar), red blood cells become clumped together, causing a “traffic jam” in your bloodstream that robs your cells of oxygen and robs you of energy.

Becoming more alkaline by eating alkaline foods – like green, leafy vegetables or olives and almonds – will allow the organs to be oxygenated properly and to perform their jobs most efficiently.


Why You Should Read It

We’re told left and right about things we can do to boost our energy, but Yuri’s book takes a comprehensive approach, bringing all of this information together and looking at energy from a holistic perspective.

If you’re ready to take the leap into a life of more energy and balanced hormones, “The All-Day Energy Diet” outlines a solid action plan that’s easy to understand. And doubled energy in seven days? Sign me up!


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