How a Science-Based Detox Supports Weight Loss + Where to Get One

red_smoothieA good detox should be focused on making you healthier, not frightening your body into thinking you’re going into famine mode. That being said, weight loss is a very common side effect (or “bonus,” maybe?) of a quality detox. In fact, it’s rare that participants don’t lose weight once their metabolic hormones have been reset and they’re eating whole, organic foods. Along with getting your hormones back in balance and cleansing your system for major feel-good vitality, I think the weight loss is a pretty awesome perk.

Below are three of the healthiest ways a science-based detox helps pounds melt off for good, and resets your metabolism . . .

Curbed Cravings & Carb Control

If you go cold-turkey on your bad habits it’s easy to fall off the bandwagon. A more gradual entry to your detox will help you feel in control and able to handle new habits. In Dr. Sara’s Detox, we start our cleanse with an “entry” period, which means cutting meat, sugar, fructose, alcohol, gluten, dairy, and caffeine out of your diet over the course of several days. This helps to minimize withdrawal symptoms and maximize your long-term results.

When your daily meals have a lower glycemic index (read: lower in the sugar and carbs that create dangerous spikes in your blood glucose), your blood sugar remains stable, you don’t “crash” after spikes, and your body doesn’t send your brain those pesky “we need sugar NOW!” messages. Lose the cravings, and you’ll find it easier to eat the foods that best serve you. Bonus prize: weight loss.

When you follow the purified diet of a science-based detox, you remove foods that could be causing a harmful reaction in your gut and immune system that you didn’t know about. Gluten and dairy are the most common scapegoats when it comes to undiagnosed food intolerances, but there are many more that zap you of energy and hormonal harmony. Eliminating the most common intolerances from your weekly chow downs could be exactly the relief your system needs to start your metabolism back up at full speed. Which leads me to…

A Revved-Up Metabolism

Give it all you got, rev it up, rev it up

Push it to the top, rev it up, rev it up

If anyone tries to hold you back

Don’t let ’em run you off the track

Give it all you got, rev it up

– Vixen, Rev It Up

A detox can speed up your metabolism in a few different ways. Cutting out problem foods like gluten or dairy may be all the change some people need to see the number on the scale go down, but certain detoxes also help balance your hormones. I like to reset the key hormones of metabolism with my detox.

Since hormonal imbalance is one of the top reasons I see in women who have trouble losing weight, balancing hormones – more than exercising more or eating less – can be the biggest needle mover when it comes to dropping pounds. High cortisol (often a product of too much caffeine, alcohol and stress), blocks thyroid production, which slows down metabolism. Do you have hard-to-lose belly fat? This may be one of your personal weight loss roadblocks. Also, elevated estrogen and low progesterone both increase your appetite; bringing them back into harmony will stop the constant, gnawing hunger many of us experience.

A cleaner diet, fewer calories, and a little self-love are all detox ingredients that can get a sluggish metabolism back on track.

Skinny-Making Supplements

Most Americans are nutritionally deficient, which means that their body struggles to produce the right amount of hormones – insulin, progesterone, thyroid – that it needs.

Most detoxes incorporate lots of fruits and veggies, which fill your system with important nutrients and minerals, but supplements are also often on the detox shopping list. For example: when you take the daily nutrition packets and the fiber blend from my detox kit, you’re providing your body with the vitamins, minerals, and toxin-flushing fiber it needs to run at maximum efficiency. Even the most careful cook can be missing out on some key nutrients, so adding the right supplements can be the little hinge that swings big weight-loss doors.

Want to Learn More?

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A high-quality detox is one of the most powerful things you can do for your body right now.